Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guest Blogger action...

Hey all, so Gwen over @ Gwen in Love is new to the blogosphere and asked to do a guest blogger spot on my loverly bog to help her gain some readership, to which I gladly obliged.  How perfectly does/did that work out with me be long gone all week at the hospital!  Anywho, Gwen's blog is honest and probably relates to A LOT of women out there who just aren't willing to admit it.  So here is Gwen...

My name is Gwen and I am so very in love.  My blog is an old-fashioned girls guide to love, marriage, and rockin hot sex.  

Boyfriend became husband about eight years ago and it just keeps getting better all the time. I'd hate to say "my marriage is more awesome than your marriage," but, my marriage is more awesome than your marriage.

In all seriousness, this has not always been the case. Reality set in. There were bills and jobs, flat tires and flat hair. And those babies we wanted? They cried—a lot. My perky boobs sagged and those last five pounds of baby weight stayed. We were no longer putting our marriage first. And the sex was so not rockin’ hot.

This seemed to be the story amongst most of my girlfriends as well and it scared me. The thought of divorce, or worse, living in a loveless and lifeless marriage, propelled me to action. I chose to change. Instead of dreading sex and thinking up excuses to avoid it, I took control and initiated it. Sex everyday for a year was my goal. No more waiting around to be given satisfied either. If I wanted an orgasm, I was going to have an orgasm. With each encounter I cared a little bit less about the saggy boobs. I learned that Husband didn’t care if my boobs were saggy—they are boobs! Initiating sex made Husband feel more like a man. He felt desired. His increased self-confidence led to a greater ability to show love for me. And then one day it happened—he did the dishes. And that’s how my marriage became more awesome than your marriage.

I started my blog, Gwen in Love, to share these secrets with other women, to tell them how much power they have. You can have babies, bills, and a rockin’ hot sex life. Who knew?

Come "follow" me on Gwen in Love for tips and inspiration on how to make your marriage rockin' hot.

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  1. Good luck Shelby! Thank you for letting me guest blog!


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