Thursday, October 21, 2010

So long, Farewell...

I am sure you have all noticed I have been sporadic, at best, with my blogging as of late.  I have made you all listen to me whine about this and that, but the bottom line was that my posts weren't of much substance.  I was spending most of my day reading blogs I love and writing my own posts.  That would be great if I was strictly a Trophy Wife, but my dear bloggy friends, I must wear SEVERAL other hats.  Mom and student were some of the HUGE things I was starting to neglect.  Being a part time student, full time mom and "Trophy Wife," and maintaining my household duties is a lot to do and then trying to fit in the blogging, well I was just losing my mind.  I tip my hat to those of you who balance all of this.  Especially those who have a huge following/giveaways, it is a lot of work.

To be completely honest it was giving my anxiety when I wouldn't schedule or type a post out in time or if I hadn't read everyone's blog and commented.  To the point where my house was becoming a mess, clothes were piling up, children were crying, and the straw that broke the camels back was that I had to submit a homework late (eeek to partial credit).  Yes I know silly that thats where my breaking point was, but it just showed me I needed to refocus myself.  This is what the old Shelby did, thats the Shelby that left me with a degree to finish up EIGHT years later.  Unfortunately the one thing that had to give was the one thing that was giving me the most anxiety, and that is blogging for right now.

I also have some friendships and friends on my mind right now.  I have a dear friend who I just realized is going through something so terrible its hard to even think about and I want to focus on the most important things in my life right now, this person being one of those things.

You have all made me open my eyes a bit wider and see the world beyond the safety net that has been my life.  I know this has been said by many a blogger before, but you have all helped me in some form or another and I haven't even meant most of you.  You've said the right words to heal me or even made me laugh on a day that I didn't think anything was funny.

So I say so long for now, but don't put me down for the count...I may just be back!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy being Versatile!

Thanks to the lovely Kate, @ Mommy Monologues, I was given the Versatile Blogger award.  Thank you, thank you very much!!
With this award your are supposed to give 7 random facts about your wonderful self and pass it on!

1.  We are starting rice cereal for Isabelle today.  AKA I have been putting it off as long as I can, bottling propping is just sooooo easy haha!
2.  Emma is OBSESSED with Caillou.  Literally the first and last thing she says before getting up and going to bed!  He is just a liiiitle bit whiney and annoying, but I guess I can't complain, considering she will sit watching it for a good hour in the morning and throughout the day for random times as well!
3.  We are getting reeeally close to finishing off that basement remodel of ours.  We bought a TV, an arm chair, a sofa and we still need a few more cabinets.  I am ready to have everything where it should be.  I still need to shop for things for the walls.
4.  I have been doing pretty fantastically in my classes, two 98s on exams in one class, but I have my first exam in the other class on Monday!  LOTS of studying to do this weekend.
5.  As some of you know, my parents dog (who is like was my brother) had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago and we were pretty devastated.  My mom had been saying she wanted to get another Boston, because they are so damn adorable, in the Spring.  Wellll she has been in contact with an AWESOME breeder and they are going to meet the mommies and daddy (they are paligamists(ps this word is not recognized on spell check) haha, not really but the daddy breeds with 2 mommies).  I am excited, but also sad that we might forget that adorable guy already.
6.  I went to the gym twice last week and I am about to go this week for the first time.  Hopefully I can squeeze in two more visits!  The BIL is kind enough to come and watch the babes while I go.
7.  So I tried a no name diaper, instead of pampers, and I am going back.  They filled up too quickly and had such a weird shape when they did fill up.  We are pampers people!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday and I haven't hopped on the Miscellany in awhile!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1.}  So I have been a stinky blogger the past couple of weeks, I decided not to stress about it but I promise I will be better very soon!  I have had so many events the past few weeks, and events that involved planning and purchasing...but it is all behind me!  I also joined in on the SITS Girls tribe forum, so I was keeping up with that.
{2.}  Miss Isabelle also turned 4 months old about a week and a half ago and I have an adorable picture of my girlies...
{3.}  A friend of mine from high school who had been staying in MA while her husband was in Afghanistan (she had her baby boy while he was away) just left and is now back in NC.  I will report he made it back safe and sound!  Anywho, last week we took all of our kiddo's to an indoor play space and we had the 6 month old and 2 four month olds playing as well as the 4, 3, 2, and 1 year olds!
{Emma loves messing with the babies haha!}
{4.}  On Friday night we had a going away party for my brother Blaine at my parents house.  He went through OCS (Officer Candidate School) and now that he has graduated from college he is off to "The Basic School" as a Lieutenant in the Marine Corp.  It was quite an evening, the hubs didn't go to bed until 5 am and Blaine was apparently drunk the entire next day.  No chance I can party like that anymore!
{All the guys...pretty bad quality picture I know, not sure why though!}
{5.}  The next day, Saturday, we had a wedding to go to (my cousins).  Being the nice wifey that I am I let the hubby sleep in and my momma watched the babes while I went to get my hair done!!  Anyways, the wedding was SUPER fun and we were celebrating far later than was necessary.
{The happy Bride and Groom}
 {My cousin Kim and I, thanks to the hubs for the bunny ears...}
{Cousin Kim, friend of the family Renee, and I dancing the night away}

Monday, October 4, 2010

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party

Dora Dora Dora the Explorerrrrrr!!!  That was the theme to Little Miss's 2nd Birthday Bash!  This is the reason why I was basically nonexistent last week, the stress of a two years olds birthday party was enough to drive me nuts!  45 people (including children) was ridiculous and next year I am moving to an all chidlren party and then cake and ice cream with the family/friends on her actual birthday!

{This is my beautiful little family}

I'm currently at school reading as many blogs as I can and writing this post doing homework, so this will be short and sweet.  I did however want to give Jenn @ West Sac Honey a shoutout for these AMAZING shirts, headbands, and Emma's tutu.  She is so creative/artistic/crafty/just plain awesome!  Everyone loved the girls outfits and they looked so stinkin cute in them!  She has an etsy (LOL Designs) so holler over at her if you need anythign like this.
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