Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday...US Cities!

It's Tuesday and you know what that means...
...That's right, its time to let you all in on my top two favorite US cities!

1.  Newport Beach, CA

Summer of 2003 my parents took my brother, my best friend, and I out to California (flew into San Jose airport).  We visited friends and family for 4 days and they hit the road on the Pacific Coast highway en route to San Diego.  One of our overnight stops was Newport Beach, which is where we picked my brothers best friend Blaine up.  Newport beach just felt like the place you picture when you picture a beach town/city in California.  We went to a perfect Mexican restaurant for dinner and bougie boarded on the most perfect waves.  If you haven't been, what the heck are you waiting for...oh right to finish reading my fabulous post!

2.  Boston, MA
I mean I live about 30-45 minutes from one of the most historic and upbeat cities in the country.  So this was a no brainer.  I had to put a picture of Fenway Park, I mean come on!  I love this city for so many reasons, but most of all because of the pride its residents take in mostly anything they believe in or anything relating to the city.
Before my friend Lana moved to Nashville for a year she insisited we do the skywalk tour in Boston and we saw some of the most beautiful views of the city.  So glad I did the touristy thing with her!

There are so many cities I've been to that are just as great, but these are my faves!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Exhausted Thursday...

Oh wait Exhausted Thursday isn't a blog meme?!?  But it is true that it IS Thursday and I AM exhausted!  As I said on Monday while cute as a button...
...Not so much sleeping like she had been!  We're talking either crying for 1-2 hours before bed and then waking up at 5:30am still or Going to bed at midnight and waking up at 4:30am!  Now if this is what I had been used to the past few months it wouldn't be so bad and I'd be able to plan my days accordingly, but she keeps switching it up.  She was at one point sleeping 8-10 hours at night!  WHAT HAPPENED!  Now I do have to admit we were spoiled with Emma because from night one home with her she sleep in 4 hour spurts, even at the hospital the nurses had to wake her up to have me feed her.  So this little crank monster is just stirring the pot.

Any suggestions or ideas friends?!?!  Sleepy, bloggy friend in need.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation recap...FINALLY!

Happy hump day everyone!!!

So we got back from vacation about a week ago and I finally felt better by Saturday (due to the WORST hangover EVER) and no excuses I have slacked from there until now to finally post this California vacation recap.  I am going to recap our trip through photos from the days we were there!

Day one consisted of sleeping late (we got to the hotel at about 2 am) and then going to dinner with family and dessert at my cousin Jessie's moms house in San Ramone.
{From left to right: Cousin Cathryn holding Izzie, ME holding Emma, and Cousin Jessie holding her sister Olivia}
Day two was San Fransisco day and Hukilau dinner and music!
{We drove over the Golden Gate bridge to the viewpoint and took a family picture!  I don't care how many times you go over it is still a pretty view (especially if the fog lifts)}
{We hit Pier 39 for some carousel riding, lunch eating, seal viewing, and candy eating!}
We also walked down to scope out the line for the cable cars and to show Emma one and then to Ghiradelli Square area where we found some cute shirts for the girls!

{We went to the Hukilau in San Jose for dinner and drinks that evening.  This is my "Uncle Ricky's" band}
Days Three and Four were spent at our friends house in Discovery Bay on the Delta (I believe it is a man made lake, pretty crazy how windy the thing is to get out to ski and wakeboard).  Everyone stays at the house all weekend, goes out on the boat all day and eats delicious dinners and drinks all night.
{This is about a quarter of the group that went!  Thankfully only about this many people stayed overnight.}
{This pretty little girl ran a fever for most of the first day!}
Day five was spent at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, where I came to realize I can NOT handle rides like I used to!
{Emma wanted to go on the cave train and even the big boys said they would join!}
{This was Emma's first.ride.ever and it was with her Tato}
Day six was spent by our friend Buzz and Kathy's pool in celebration of Buzz's birthday.  The evening was spent out to dinner for Buzz's birthday with about 20+ friends at the Sonoma Chicken Coop (delicious).  The hubs, my two cousins, and three of our friends capped the night off with WAY too many shots and cranberry vodka's.
{Izzie hanging by the pool.  Who can resist that smile!}
{Some of the "kids" of the group that have hung out since most of us were babies!}
{See...shots!  It makes me sick to think about shots now...}
Day seven was the day I experienced the worst.hangover.EVER!  mind you we had to be packed and out of the hotel room by noon, NAHT okay.  I am anal about packing and I had nothing in me to do anything besides be still drunk and then severely hungover.  Thankfully we only left a book of Emma's at the hotel (which I am upset about!).  We had planned to meet up with some friends for lunch.  I slept in the car, because we were early and got sick walking to the restaurant and twice in the restaurant.  Note to self and anyone else don't drink so heavily, especially when you have to get on a plan with two children under the age of 2!
{This is my friend Rhonda's son hugging Emma.  She was probably my first friend ever as a kid and now we have children the same age}
{This is the hubs and one of his best friends whom he met in the Marine Corp.  We said our final goodbyes before the most annoying plane ride ever}

It was such a fun, exciting, crazy, exhausting, frustrating, drunk, hungover, silly vacation and I wouldn't change anything because it was what it was!  I will say to everyone out there that traveling with babies is a lot of work, not as relaxing as a vacation sans children, but traveling the state, country, world, whatever is so great for everyone to do!

Now that I have finally recuperated from vacation it is almost time to go back to school booooooo!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CSN Review!

You are all in for an exciting review of one of the MANY wonderful products off of one of CSN stores website!!

If you have never heard of CSN stores before you are definitely missing out because they have over 200+ stores featuring everything from furniture to pet supplies.  I actually ordered Isabelle's baby furniture from CSNBaby and we couldn't be happier with the three pack set we got.  They are inexpensive and literally have it all!  They ship extremely quickly and if they do have something back ordered they give you actual back order dates and don't mislead you.  I know I sound corny right now but I am a huge CSN stores fan and I heard about them threw some of my fellow bloggers and I am happy to pass this information along.

So I know you are all looking forward to seeing which fabulous product I will be reviewing, but you have to wait!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday!

Happy Monday Funday!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Head on over to Carissa's blog and link up you randomness!

{1.}  This lovely gal has decided its fun to cry for about an hour every night before falling asleep, which has been taking us to about midnight every night, very fresh!  (at least she's cute)

{2.}  This same chicky has been a stinky mess for the last month or so, not something you want to say about your precious baby girl haha!  She has a neck rash that I clean each and every day and night.  At her two month appointment we even got some anti-fungal powder to put on it.  It has helped the rash a bit but that smell still comes every once and awhile!  YUCK.  Again, at least she's cute haha!

{3.}  Then there is this little monster who has officially hit what some people like to call the "terrible twos."  Everything anyone says is debatable in her eyes.  Testing her limits is what she is ALL about, sometimes its hard not to laugh at the obnoxious things she does haha!  Apparently its karma for the way I was when I was her age, what goes around comes around right!?

{4.}  Sneak peak of our AMAZING California vacation...

{5.}  I LOVE SMART WATER!  I mean who knew water could taste so delicious, I wonder if they know I wouldn't mind being their spokesperson?!?  I mean who needs Jennifer Anniston or Tom Brady when then could have ME!

{6.}  We spent the latter part of our Sunday watching the movie 2012, which left me sad and anxious.  I mean people truly believe this is going to happen.  I am no John Cusak, so I don't see myself being able to survive like he was able to!  I should brush up on my piloting skills!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Whats in your bag?

Hey all, its been awhile hasn't it!  We just got back from a fabulous week in California visiting friends and family.  I had every intention of scheduling some posts for when I was away, but go figure, I was super busy packing for 3 people!  More to come on the vacation at a later date (maybe this weekend, which is purposely LOW key).

So while catching up a bit today I went over to Gretchen's blog (Our Journey) and she posted about what can be found in her diaper bag, which is packed for two very precious twins every time she leaves the house.  I thought why not do the same!  Although I only pack for one infant and a toddler, I thought it might be fun to share what my essentials are.

First off the overnight diaper bags...
My mom bought this Vera Bradley one and its the one I use for Emma and always have!  I love it because its so durable!

I bought this one as a pregnancy gift to myself when we found out we were having Emma.  More like OMG I can't believe I am prego, okay now I need a cute bag!  I like this one, but not as much hence why we didn't use it until Izzie came along.
In our big bags the essentials are...
For Diapers...

Four size 5 pampers cruise for Biggie...

And eight size 2 pampers swaddlers for baby cakes...
I have tried other brands of diapers and have found that for girls, more specifically my girls, pampers are where its at!

Desitin for both (purple cream for Emma (a little more intense action that the baby doesn't need quite yet) and yellow clear stuff for babycakes)...

Wipes in a travel case, they both use the pampers sensitive (I find it works better for babycakes and it gets the job done for Biggie so why buy two different kinds!)...

Coppertone's Water Babies Sunscreen (in most months except for the winter) Emma is allergic to anything other than this and it still usually affects her a little...

Emma's travel toothbrush and paste (oral health=overall health haha!)...

Infant acetaminophen (the store brand version lately because of all tylenols recalls)...

One 6 ounce Avent bottles for babycakes (Emma wouldn't use these, but Babycakes wouldn't use the Playtex drop ins that Emma used)...

A munchkin on-the-go formula separator (Highly recommended!!)...

Breast pads for moi...

A Soothie pacifier or two (I would be lost without them for babycakes!)...

My baby sling (Essie designs), because babycakes LOVES to be held...
{This makes life so much easier so I can entertain both friends and baby (a sleeping baby at that)}

The random essentials...Cloth bibs for both, food catcher bib for Emma, Wash cloth for Emma, Burp cloth for babycakes, a change of clothes for each and an extra onesie for babycakes, an extra blanket for babycakes, and snacks for Emma.

We also have quick trip bags (good for a day outing)...

Emma's bag is the princess one (good for two diapers, a travel wipes case, desitin, a fork, bib, wash cloth, snacks, and a cup)!  Izzie's is the chic tote one (good for 4 diapers, it came with a matching travel wipes case, desitin, pacifier cleaner wipes, and a throw away changing pad)

So thats what we pack when we go out!  It takes a lot of planning to get out the door with two babies, but I always ensure my diaper bag is repacked whenever we get home so we are ready for anything!

Whats in your bag, I always love learning about new products for my babies and I!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 month shoot and swim fun!

I have been beyond distracted and busy with what summer life with two babies brings.  I mean just look at my posts from last week, they were all meme posts, not that they aren't fabulous meme's but nothing personal!  I've also been a bit stressed out about money, marriage, and life in general.  I have not been able to stay up with weight watchers like I did last time, so I am going to put that on hold until I am done nursing.  It's just so hard to diet and try to nurse and its not fair to my babycakes.

I completely forgot Izzie's 2 monthersary, mother of the year right here!!  So I did a little shoot with her and Emma a few days later...
{haha not the best look but I thought it was funny!}

My friend Leah brought her friends son, who is a year older than Emma, over to my aunts pool for a playdate and it was so funny to see them interact.  Emma LOVES men/boys and she loves to hug and kiss and touch them haha, should be interesting in her teens!
{He wasn't too sure how he felt about her and this picture, but of course she had to touch him}
{She wanted to look cool and impress him so obviously the goggles haaaad to go on}

Thats what we have been up to the past week, oh and a little sicky sickyness for Emma and momma!  Emma threw up all over herself in the car seat, then I had to clean it up and subsequently I was up all night sick on Sunday night, no fun.  Last night my mom was up sick all night, so we now have to go around and deep clean all the toys in our houses.

Have wonderful Tuesday and see ya on tomorrow!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Favorite Fridays!

So my Thursday did not end so yummy and delicious, meaning I am that much happier to see Friday!

We should just go ahead and jump right in with Jen's Favorite Fridays!
Favorite Fridays
F*R*I*E*N*D*S Character!

I really didn't have to think long and hard for this one!  They are all FABULOUS in my book, but if I am looking for a laugh I know I can always score one from CHANDLER!!

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