Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday!

Happy Monday Funday!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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{1.}  This lovely gal has decided its fun to cry for about an hour every night before falling asleep, which has been taking us to about midnight every night, very fresh!  (at least she's cute)

{2.}  This same chicky has been a stinky mess for the last month or so, not something you want to say about your precious baby girl haha!  She has a neck rash that I clean each and every day and night.  At her two month appointment we even got some anti-fungal powder to put on it.  It has helped the rash a bit but that smell still comes every once and awhile!  YUCK.  Again, at least she's cute haha!

{3.}  Then there is this little monster who has officially hit what some people like to call the "terrible twos."  Everything anyone says is debatable in her eyes.  Testing her limits is what she is ALL about, sometimes its hard not to laugh at the obnoxious things she does haha!  Apparently its karma for the way I was when I was her age, what goes around comes around right!?

{4.}  Sneak peak of our AMAZING California vacation...

{5.}  I LOVE SMART WATER!  I mean who knew water could taste so delicious, I wonder if they know I wouldn't mind being their spokesperson?!?  I mean who needs Jennifer Anniston or Tom Brady when then could have ME!

{6.}  We spent the latter part of our Sunday watching the movie 2012, which left me sad and anxious.  I mean people truly believe this is going to happen.  I am no John Cusak, so I don't see myself being able to survive like he was able to!  I should brush up on my piloting skills!


  1. That first photo is too cute but an hour my goodness I hope she breaks that habit soon for your sleeping sake!

    2012 did make me anxious too but that was so bad graphically at least..

  2. Love that picture of Emma! And I can't believe how big Izzie is getting!

  3. Your family is beautiful!! Stopping by from MM, hope you had a great day!

  4. Those babies are too cute! Kaylie had the same neck issue and we put cornstarch on it. That seemed to help!

  5. cute cute pics! your girls are beautiful!!! i hope the sleep thing staightens out. it is stressful. i have a 14 and 9 year old. IF i get them in bed before 11:30 i am happy! but the youngest wakes up around 7am no matter what time she goes to sleep!! i wish i could break her of BOTH of those habits!!
    have a wonderful week!!

  6. i miss that bridge! : )

    i know our little mister is on the brink of the terrible two's... Lord have mercy!

    our little misses is high-maintenance to say the least! ha ha! but yeah, at least they're cute!

    your girls are as beautiful as ever!


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