Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation recap...FINALLY!

Happy hump day everyone!!!

So we got back from vacation about a week ago and I finally felt better by Saturday (due to the WORST hangover EVER) and no excuses I have slacked from there until now to finally post this California vacation recap.  I am going to recap our trip through photos from the days we were there!

Day one consisted of sleeping late (we got to the hotel at about 2 am) and then going to dinner with family and dessert at my cousin Jessie's moms house in San Ramone.
{From left to right: Cousin Cathryn holding Izzie, ME holding Emma, and Cousin Jessie holding her sister Olivia}
Day two was San Fransisco day and Hukilau dinner and music!
{We drove over the Golden Gate bridge to the viewpoint and took a family picture!  I don't care how many times you go over it is still a pretty view (especially if the fog lifts)}
{We hit Pier 39 for some carousel riding, lunch eating, seal viewing, and candy eating!}
We also walked down to scope out the line for the cable cars and to show Emma one and then to Ghiradelli Square area where we found some cute shirts for the girls!

{We went to the Hukilau in San Jose for dinner and drinks that evening.  This is my "Uncle Ricky's" band}
Days Three and Four were spent at our friends house in Discovery Bay on the Delta (I believe it is a man made lake, pretty crazy how windy the thing is to get out to ski and wakeboard).  Everyone stays at the house all weekend, goes out on the boat all day and eats delicious dinners and drinks all night.
{This is about a quarter of the group that went!  Thankfully only about this many people stayed overnight.}
{This pretty little girl ran a fever for most of the first day!}
Day five was spent at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, where I came to realize I can NOT handle rides like I used to!
{Emma wanted to go on the cave train and even the big boys said they would join!}
{This was Emma's first.ride.ever and it was with her Tato}
Day six was spent by our friend Buzz and Kathy's pool in celebration of Buzz's birthday.  The evening was spent out to dinner for Buzz's birthday with about 20+ friends at the Sonoma Chicken Coop (delicious).  The hubs, my two cousins, and three of our friends capped the night off with WAY too many shots and cranberry vodka's.
{Izzie hanging by the pool.  Who can resist that smile!}
{Some of the "kids" of the group that have hung out since most of us were babies!}
{See...shots!  It makes me sick to think about shots now...}
Day seven was the day I experienced the worst.hangover.EVER!  mind you we had to be packed and out of the hotel room by noon, NAHT okay.  I am anal about packing and I had nothing in me to do anything besides be still drunk and then severely hungover.  Thankfully we only left a book of Emma's at the hotel (which I am upset about!).  We had planned to meet up with some friends for lunch.  I slept in the car, because we were early and got sick walking to the restaurant and twice in the restaurant.  Note to self and anyone else don't drink so heavily, especially when you have to get on a plan with two children under the age of 2!
{This is my friend Rhonda's son hugging Emma.  She was probably my first friend ever as a kid and now we have children the same age}
{This is the hubs and one of his best friends whom he met in the Marine Corp.  We said our final goodbyes before the most annoying plane ride ever}

It was such a fun, exciting, crazy, exhausting, frustrating, drunk, hungover, silly vacation and I wouldn't change anything because it was what it was!  I will say to everyone out there that traveling with babies is a lot of work, not as relaxing as a vacation sans children, but traveling the state, country, world, whatever is so great for everyone to do!

Now that I have finally recuperated from vacation it is almost time to go back to school booooooo!


  1. Shelby I am hungover now just THINKING about your hangover. I can barely handle them anymore when I am just taking care of myself, I am sure it didn't help that you had 2 little girls to take care of!

    I looks like you had a fantastic time! Love the Wellingtons!

  2. Awww I should have come out and said hi to you! You were so close! My bf is working in San Jose too!

  3. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!!!

    I wrote about you in my post today!

  4. Looks like you've had a blast! I am headed there next week. I can't wait.

  5. Looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to go to California.

  6. Definitely looks like you had a good time! I agree, it is a LOT of work to travel with two little ones! I can't stand the cuteness of the hugging picture!


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