Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone, which means I will be bringing you the Thoughtlessness...
Now normally I would link you over to Katie's blog, Life in the Fulmer Lane, but its saying the blog was removed, not sure if its me or if Katie went bye bye from the blogosphere!  I hope its not the latter.  I will still be honoring her blog carnival/meme/alliteration day!

AAAAAANYWAYS, when we first moved in 10 months ago we had an eyesore in the backyard in this wonderful pool...
...Which was semi laughable and cute when duckies would swim in it.  We called it our neighborhood pond!  However, we always had the intention of ripping it down this summer and this was the week we decided to execute that plan.
{The before}
{The after}
This pit is attracting quite the crowd.  I have never seen so many birds, rabbits, squirrels, and who knows what else in my backyard!

Since we've been concentrating on the inside of the house, we will tackle the outside in the Spring!  Oh the joys of being a new homeowner.

Happy Thursday and I hope to see ya'll later for Just Thursday.  I know two fabulous posts in one day, crazy huh!


  1. ekk! That looked like a project!! Don't you just love that clear feeling?!

  2. Wow!!! That's some crazy wildlife you've got going on! Didn't you have tons of mosquitos??

  3. Oh goodness that is quite a project! Gotta love the joys of homeownership. Our backyard is dirt.

  4. Okay I just tried going to Katies blog and it didn't work for me either! Oh No!!! :-(

  5. We've only been in our house a year & we have so much that we want to do with it. You saw the pics last week of the flower bed, that was just the start!

    Congrats on getting the pool down--I know that feels good!


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