Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 month shoot and swim fun!

I have been beyond distracted and busy with what summer life with two babies brings.  I mean just look at my posts from last week, they were all meme posts, not that they aren't fabulous meme's but nothing personal!  I've also been a bit stressed out about money, marriage, and life in general.  I have not been able to stay up with weight watchers like I did last time, so I am going to put that on hold until I am done nursing.  It's just so hard to diet and try to nurse and its not fair to my babycakes.

I completely forgot Izzie's 2 monthersary, mother of the year right here!!  So I did a little shoot with her and Emma a few days later...
{haha not the best look but I thought it was funny!}

My friend Leah brought her friends son, who is a year older than Emma, over to my aunts pool for a playdate and it was so funny to see them interact.  Emma LOVES men/boys and she loves to hug and kiss and touch them haha, should be interesting in her teens!
{He wasn't too sure how he felt about her and this picture, but of course she had to touch him}
{She wanted to look cool and impress him so obviously the goggles haaaad to go on}

Thats what we have been up to the past week, oh and a little sicky sickyness for Emma and momma!  Emma threw up all over herself in the car seat, then I had to clean it up and subsequently I was up all night sick on Sunday night, no fun.  Last night my mom was up sick all night, so we now have to go around and deep clean all the toys in our houses.

Have wonderful Tuesday and see ya on tomorrow!


  1. Aw she's so cute she's getting so big! Your Emma is too cute she loves that pool!

  2. Look at those two beautiful little girls!! Love the pics lady :)

  3. Aww what a mess about the sickness going around! But I love the little tidbit about her touching boys and the goggles. I also loved the two month pictures! Cute little girls!

  4. Selby they are so adorable! It is amazing how much Emma looks like you and Izzie looks like Yuri, although we all thought Emma was Yuri's twin when she was born and look how that turned out! Hope everyone is feeling better, especially Ellen, I can't imagine she'd be a good patient.

  5. Oh they are so stinking adorable! Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! Enjoy Cali!

  6. They are so cute!!! Sorry you have been sick =( It' no fun!

  7. The girls look so cute!! Hope you're feeling better! Everything will get better!

  8. I love that you have the little ones dress in black! That is so cute and you never see it. Hope everyone is feeling better!

  9. OMG, could they be any cuter??? NOPE!

  10. They are so cute. I mean so precious! You are one blessed mama!

  11. Happy 2 months Izzie!! Emma looks adorable with those goggles! :)

  12. Hope everyone is feeling better!

    We're stressed out about money over here too-money sucks! (:

    I took time off of blogging last week cause I was just tired of it all & too busy!

  13. Oh & the girls are absolutely precious! Happy 2 months!

    I wish we had access to a pool!

  14. Awww, the pictures are so cute! I love the matching black outfits.
    Hopefully you all are feeling better. We've been dealing with a summer cold that the kids shared with each other and me. It's been less than fun.

  15. such beautiful gals!!! love the fotos! happy belated two months!

    omg - i'm from san fran!!! i lived in petaluma and lake tahoe! where did you live?!


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