Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And I'm Back!

So, although I am on spring break I have been all over the place, having relocated to my parents house due to the renovations at my house!

So I will just update you all with all the exciting things that have happened in my oh so exciting life since last Friday:
Friday after class Emma and I hung out at my aunt and uncles house because the hubby requested that we stay away until bedtime, due to the fact that we had no running water. I had no problem with this, the bathroom situation hasn't been so desirable anyways. And Auntie Paula ordered pizza for dinner, so what is to hate about that! Emma and I went straight to bed when we got home and Yuri was up until 1 am doing work, that hardworking husband of mine!

Saturday we planned on staying all day until we had our girls night plans at 5pm in Quincy (to give my poor mom a break), buuuut we decided that since I found a screw in Emma's mouth that the house was not really a great place for her to be while any renovations occurred on the main level. It's always nice to find a small screw in your child's mouth...oh wait no! SO we headed over to Grammy and Grampy and She has been here ever since! We spent the rest of the day getting to meet my brothers new lover-girl, he's a college fratboy and she's a cheerleader and sorority girl (just like I was). Then Emma and I had a wonderful rest of the evening at our girls night, I think Emma ate everything and anything in sight!

Sunday Emma, mom, and I met my moms friends from high school and their daughters in Boston at Fire and Ice for brunch, which was utterly and totally AMAZING! Unlimited amounts of breakfast and lunch foods and a great atmosphere, what pregnant woman could ask for more (well a guess a nice cocktail like everyone else would have been nice). We then walked around town on the beautiful 60 degree day we were blessed with. I headed home to the hubby and Emma stayed with mom. Upon seeing the disastrous (but lots getting done) house of mine I decided an extended stay for Emma and I at my parents was necessary.

Monday Yuri and I picked out the color "heavy cream" for the bathroom (to match the java cabinets and mocha countertops). I got to go take my glucose test, which tests to see if I have gestational diabetes. Meaning I was lucky enough to get to drink a weird tasting orange soda looking drink and then get my blood taken. Then when I got to moms house we went shopping and went for a walk (again amazingly beautiful weather!). Yuri came over for dinner, because he hadn't seen his Emma girl since Saturday and he missed her. He also needed a shower, just saying! I cooked him some turkey/stuffing loaf, past salad, cookies, and cole slaw to take home...yes I know how random all of that is, but he needs quick food for eating on the run!

Here are some picture updates from Monday afternoon:
{Emma is very content playing with her toys at Grammy and Grampy's}

{The office in the basement is framed}

{Bathroom progress...We have a tub!!}

Tuesday was once again a beautiful day, so we started the day off with a walk (mom, Emma, Duke, and I). Then I tried to get some homework done, aggravating (but seriously who likes doing homework). When Emma woke up from her nap we headed out to do some shopping (I found 2 pairs of shoes and didn't end up spending too much either!!), then we had lunch at Panera bread (delicious), got the car washed and I vacuumed (always a sight to see - a pregnant woman bending over to vacuum the car out haha), and then we visited our "Auntie" Mel who was preparing for a date (which did NOT end up going well, sorry Mel we love you)! We had a terrific day, and it was just a mama and Emma type of day, which will probably be limited in a few months. I threw dinner in the over for my mom, dad, and Emma and then I headed out to dinner with my two pregnant friends. Its always nice to go out to dinner and relax! Especially with other people who understand and know what it's like to be pregnant or moms. My other group of friends, whom I see a lot more, are for the most part not even married, so they are in a completely different phase of life (which I envy sometimes!!).

Updates from the homestead (provided by the best husband EVER):
{Bathroom all primed and ready for some "heavy cream"}

{The office all sheet-rocked}

And now it is Wednesday, I've been up since 6:30am for a dentist appointment and we (Emma mom and I) are going to run some errands and enjoy the last day of good weather this week (so they say at least).

If you made it all the way through this, thank you and congratulations!


  1. OMG, I would freak out if I found a screw in my child's mouth!! I'm going to be such a paranoid mom. Rennovations are looking great!

  2. I'm so happy the renovations are moving along! Sounds like you are spending some great QT with your mom and Emma! I totally know what you mean about friends being in a different phase of life. It's kind of annoying when you are on two completely different levels of lifestyles and no one really understands why you don't want to party all the time!

  3. thank you for your sweet comments, i'm so glad you're following bc now i can follow YOUR cute blog!

    good luck on the renovation and watch out for edible (or not so) screws :) happy wednesday!!!

  4. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures! It's so stressful having a house and trying to make it yours but so worth it in the end! :)


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