Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrible Tuesday turns to Wishful Wednesday...

For those of you that are unaware of the part of the country I dwell in, I think this post will clear that right up!

My earlier blog posts were mostly of the remodel update kind, as we are refinishing our basement, a few bathrooms and an office, and I didn't know how to do anything else.  One of the bathrooms and the office will be apart of the new finished basement.  At the end of last weekend we were on our way to plastering and "mudding" (this is the word that has been used by the men in my life to describe what is happening next week) the walls.  Now this is not where I wanted to be in the project two months before precious baby Izzie is born, but these types of DIY projects generally don't stay according to your plan timetable.  However, this may have been a gift that we were a bit behind, because those located in the States of NH, MA (thats us), and especially RI have been experiencing BUTT-LOADS of some rainfall this month and as of two days ago experienced all time record breaking amounts.  Where I live is on the border of RI, so the national news you may, or may not, be seeing about RI being under water, thats us too!

That was just to paint a picture of what was going outside and inside the casa prior to the rain and outside this is what the rain has done...

{If you look just over the little hill in our back/sideyard (under the arrows) you will see water in the normally empty retention pond behind our house.  Over the weekend the neighborhood kids were riding their bikes in it, to which I despise anyways!!}
{The river running through the side of our yard}
{The white waters forming at the end of the driveway, AWESOME!}

My husby and I were looking out the front window admiring our lovely rapids out front when a sparking, smoking telephone pole caught our attention.  This pole happens to be connected to our house, awesome!  So the hubs, being a police officer in town, called the police station and they sent a firetruck right over.  Minutes later a huge bang went and National Grid was down/our power was O-U-T OUT!  This was just as we realized our basment was beginning top flood.  AKA no power = no means to plug in the shop vacuum (which was all we had to get rid of the water) to suck the water out!!!

{The dark murkiness that was our basement}
{Hooray National Grid made it within an hour.  Our neighbor, and one of Husby's lueitenants escorted them over to us first!!  It pays to have him work for the city sometimes!}
{The lovely construction site now with a little pond}
{The office part of the basement was spared a bit, behind this wall was everything we had in storage (which was spared the moisture of water!!)}

{Husby and I trying to get the water out (I helped for approximately 20 minutes, until his mom came and took over) which we did...hooooray!!}

So, even though I am not joining in on the Seattle Smith's Wishful Wednesday, this was what my Wishful Wednesday has been about!


  1. Yikes! I feel like you guys are getting all of the snow we got last month in rain form!

  2. hahah cute pics Shelby!! YAY YAY YAY the rain is done, it's finally done!! (until next time..but still yayayayayayayya!)

  3. haha I know...and 80 degree weather to come!!!

  4. Ouch! Glad you got everything taken care of rather quickly!

  5. Oh my gosh! I am sorry that you guys are going through all this!!!!

  6. aw, you poor thing! this is such a stinky situation. boo hoo. hey, at least your power works! happy 9 weeks left! thanks for stopping by. we need to keep up with each other... it's always fun having a buddy who's right along in their pregnancy with you. i hope you are feeling great!


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