Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday...

As you can tell I have updated my blog and in the process I learned how to do more than bore you peeps with my life!!  In honor of all the changes, I will be participating in Katie over at Life in the Fulmer Lane's Thoughtless Thursday!  PLEASE go visit her hilarious blog, I couldn't love it more!!
So my Thoughtless Thursday will be devoted to my post wedding photo shoot (I got married 6 weeks after having my beautiful Emma, so I wasn't in the best photo taking shape)!!  My "little sister" (sorority-wise) Alanna Scully (go check her out she's awesome!) was one of the wonderful photographers that day.  She is new to the photography world, but I KNOW she is going places and she just loves to take photos of us.  Molly Bergeron was the other photographer, also new to the photography world and she is just as great!!

{Thought I would end with this one, because this shoot was the day after my best friends wedding and to say I was hungover is putting it bar, enough said!}


  1. LOVE those pics! GORGEOUS!!! thanks for playing thoughtless thursday!!! :)

  2. Great photos. I love the last one. Hungover never looked so good;)

  3. I love all those pictures, especially the last one. Isn't the hangover look the best...NOT!


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