Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thunderous Thursday...

I wanted to quickly blog for sooo long, its been over a week!!! I have been quite busy; my Spring break consisted of being kicked out of mi casa due to renovations, having over 200 pages of reading to do for class, two exams to prepare for, and three assignments to complete. I have been so good all semester until last week, with my inclination to procrastinate! I got it all done though, and did pretty well on my exams, woohoo!!

I have also been trying to schedule a little meet-up with Kelly over at Confessions of a Law School dropout so she can leeeearn me on the ways of the blogging world. I love it all and would love to be apart of the linking things up and buttoning (not even sure the words that are coming out of my mouth). I also love the giveaways people do, and I would love to win and be able to do one of my own. Kelly is gonna do a little makeover challenge for my site as well! Once we can get a day that works for both of us, you will see a new and improved blogger.

Emma has had a few play-dates (first we've had since she's been good little walker). Last Thursday, when it started getting rainy out, we went to an indoor play area with two of my friends from high school and their kids. One of the girls has a 3 year old daughter and gave birth to her son TODAY!! And the other friend has a 2 year old son. It was very interesting to see Emma "play" with the kids and towards the end of the day get a little bit craaaazy. Then today, which was GOOOORGEOUS, Emma and I went on a picnic in a local park with the wife of one of Yuri's coworkers and her two year old daughter. Another successful play-date, although I came to find that Emma does NOT listen very well. Emma loved the little girl, so much so that she stopped mid walk-around-the-park and went over to the little girl and hugged her. I mean how adorable can she be haha!

I can't wait for more of this wonderful weather and to reinvent this blog of mine. Especially so I can be apart of all these fun alliteration days everyone has!!

I will leave you with a few photogs!

{This is who Emma and I spent our week with, last week. My parents pup Dukiiiiie}

{My pretty little Princess with her pig tails. This came about after someone mistook her for a boy the day before}

{And this is my handsome/mountain man husband getting the bathroom back in shape}

Happy Thursday all!

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  1. Still love the pigtails picture & dukie is SO cute (lovee those ears!) We HAVE to meet up next week so we can work on your blog!


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