Monday, March 22, 2010

It's just another manic Monday!

Hey where did all that gorgeous weather go?!?! To say that this past weekend was gorgeous isn't even explaining how nice it was out and how much Emma and I enjoyed it and ourselves allllll weekend!

The poor hubbster had to work all weekend (including an extra overnight shift and housework every chance he got). He didn't sleep from when he woke up Saturday morning at 7 until Sunday night at 10p.m., I don't know how he does it but I love him for it!
So, Emma and I had to occupy ourselves all weekend...We started by getting really cute:

And then included another picnic in the park (which was the place to be due to the weather...dungeon and dragon players and all), a visit to the Gibbons school fair to see Auntie Genevieve and Auntie Leah, then a partay Saturday night at my Lhovers house (this is my pet name for my good friend Kristen...very silly and most people do NOT appreciate it haha...not even sure how it began, something to do with Mexican lovers haha). The party was St. Patty's themed and there were lots of people who drank until they were green, this chick had two bottle of water and sported her "Irish I was drunk shirt" with pride. I was home by 10:30p.m. and in bed by 11:30p.m.! Sunday was beautiful eventhough it was about 10 degrees cooler. Mom spoiled me with a pedicure and sent me on my way with her puppy for the week. I feel like a brand new girl with these beautiful toes!!!!
My goal for the week is to eat far better than I have been ("cravings" have been getting the best of me...good enough excuse right?!?!), I would love to not have to loose 50 pounds post baby again! Also, I am meeting with Kelly Thursday so she can bloggerize me, hopping the next time I blog I have some major improvements on the sit and linking abilities!!

some final photographic food for thought...

{Emma loves Dukes couch, she won't let him nap!}

{Emma loves to wear undies as necklaces...she knows she is fresh!}

...So long for now!


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