Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When it rains, it pours!

Just a quick little post for today since its 10:30pm and I have class in the morning...

My day was oh so amazing, oh wait no that was just in my dream world! My day began when my daughter decided that 6:30am is the new 8am and having gone to bed late due to doing homework all night I was not feeling her vigor for that time of day. Of course bathroom demo was not too far behind, so it didn't matter all that much anyways.
Emma and I spent our morning avoiding the hallway and bathroom noise, while I tried to mix in some online discussion board posting for one of my classes. Right after I finished a response I had been working on for about 45 minutes, Emma being such a good girl to let me work for that long, I tried erasing something at the end of the response and EVERYTHING disappeared. I did all that I could to figure out what happened, but to no avail! Then the entire computer froze, meaning bye bye anything I had written in my open word documents. To say that this upset me is a bit of an understatement, I think my brother-in-law thinks I have gone insane. I thought to myself, this is why people don't trust computers, but thats a fact of life and I must move on. So I grabbed a bowl of cereal for myself and a bowl of Emma's favorite fruit for her to snack on and sat down with my computer in my lap and cereal on the side table. Apparently Emma's fruit was no longer good enough for her, she wanted cereal. I told her no and that did NOT set well with her. Even though she is normally a pretty good girl (okay a normal one year old!) she has this new thing she likes to do, swat in annoyance at things when she wants it and can't or isn't aloud to get it. So swat she did, and down onto my lap the bowl went, cereal milk and all. While the computer is in need of some TLC or a trash can to fall in anyways, this was not my plan for today. Again the tears came and I sat there on the couch with the sticky milk and cereal for a good five minutes. I would like to remind everyone of the bathroom demo currently taking place, so yes that means a shower was not in my near future!!! So my hysterics, laced with pregnant hormones, once again scared my brother-in-law, husband, and I think even Emma. When Emma saw me starting to remove the cereal and put it back in the bowl so I could get up she started helping me, which made me smile a little bit, how cute is she.
I was able to email myself anything of importance right away and then let the computer dry out and it seems okay, but sometimes the keyboard doesn't work. However, my cell phone that was also on my lap is no longer working, lovely! As my husband put it, "Maybe now you can get a blackberry...and have your mom pay for it" haha, I like the way he thinks! There is a silver lining to everything, right?!?!

So, my day did not start so good, but my family knows how to make me feel better! However, I did try to stop at Wendy's on the way to my parents house tonight (so I could finally shower) to get a Jr. frosty and get this they ran out of them. HAHA, all I could do was laugh. That was either someone telling me I didn't need to be eating a frosty at 8pm or it just fit perfectly in with my day!


  1. Oh no!!Thats a pretty shitty day. If nothing else, it makes you appreciate the little things that make you smile. It sounds like you have a sweet little girl-albeit a typical finicky one-year old.

  2. Boooo :( I saw this on your FB and I was like this is going to be a blog post! Hope today is going better (:


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