Thursday, March 4, 2010

And this too shall pass...

Sometimes you just need your mommy! She helped to make my "wonderful" Tuesday better, then took me to the Verizon store Wednesday and got me a new phone (A blackberry at that!).

I am currently typing this post on my disagreeable laptop (apparently if you wipe the liquid up right away and lay it open upside down it actually drains the liquid out, good thing through my insanity I remained as much of a genius as I normally am)!! My husband even agreed that we should replace this laptop with a mac book pro(amazing breakthrough, especially if you know my hubby).

Quick update on the bathroom/basement remodel...
We are down to no shower or toilet on the main level, and a toilet surrounded by NO walls in the basement. So we are stinky and if by chance someone ends up outside the rear basement window they will get a nice shot!
The bathroom is completely demoed; no working toilet, no more cast iron (300 pound) tub (my manly and strong husband and brother-in-law removed this beaut all on their own), removed all the tiling covering the lower half of the walls, ripped the counter top and cabinets out, removed the built in vanity, removed the outside wall and useless closet that was there. Then, they closed the gap in the wall and where the vanity was and are working on sheet rocking where the tiles were and installing the new tub!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...oh wait no, I mean an actual bathroom!!

The hubster hasn't worked since Friday then 26th and doesn't go back until Monday March 15th! Its so weird to have him home so much, but definitely nice! Though it is not a vacation, its a workation, this is how we spend our crazy spring break now a days.

Emma and I will probably be spending some time with Grammie and Grampie (mimi and mami as Emma puts it) next week, due to the loud and unequipped facilities at Casa de Bukhenik. Wish us luck with this process; that it won't cost too much and Yuri and I will continue to be fight free throughout it all, haha!!


  1. I am excited for the mere fact that I was able to post a picture in this blog post!! (Thank you new blackberry, I love you more today that yesterday!)

  2. Yay for blackberrys and new phones in general! Sounds like a very productive bathroom update! I love my macbook & this weather we are having!!


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