Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting to know YOU Sunday!!

Hey Hey everyone...I hope you're all enjoying this wonderfully long weekend!  I figured since the next couple of weeks I WILL most likely be sucking at keeping up to date with my bloggy blog, oh and the fun fact that I have been awake since 6:30AM (WIDE AWAKE), that I would join in on Keely's wonderful Sunday Blog Carnival!!
So here are the questions...

1.  Have you ever snooped around someone else's house?  I don't think so, but maybe I am forgetting a huge snooping adventure of mine.(I just wanted to use the word snoop again)

2.  Can guys and girls be friends?  I think this is a tough one, because usually at one time or another one liked the other more, in a more-than-friends kind of way.  Which can always muck things up when it comes time for significant others to enter the picture in the future.  Overall though, I guess everyone and every friendship is different.

3.  Can you curl your tongue?  I WISH!

4.  Have you ever stolen anything?  Oh my, yes I have.  It was back in the day during either middle or high school, mind you there was absofrigginlutely NO reason to do so, but because we could.  My friend and I got caught and my poor mom had to come inside the mall and get us (she was in her PJs and no bra) from security.  I was in a bit of trouble, to say the least.  Not one of my finer moments...

5.  Would you rather talk on the phone or text?  100% text for most people, its just so easy!

6.  Memorial Day plans?  Well since the hubs has today off we are having an Emma day, our last as a family of three (eeek).  We are going to the zoo we have in town (first time) and they also have a small water park in there.  Mind you this is all going to cost us $7.50 for everyone to get in and they have A LOT of real/fun animals...should be interesting!
Later on we might go to my aunts for some BBQing with the family as well.  Tomorrow the hunny has to work and I want to finish all my last minute preparations for the hospital and Isabelle's arrival.  Then, my husby advised me he is taking me out on the town for dinner at our favorite restaurant in honor of my pregnancy being OVER!!!

7.  What do you do to relax?  This seems like it would be easy to answer, but relaxation hasn't come so easy for me lately.  I guess sleep?!?!

8.  Do you do anything to honor those that have died fighting for our freedom?  We really don't do anything specifically, how horrible of us!

Okay, thats all for now peeps...have a fabulous rest of the long weekend!!!


  1. 7.50 to get into a zoo for all of you? that's a bargain! Enjoy your day!

  2. I think a lot of people go through the whole, "stealing stuff for no reason," thing in middle school and high school. I never did though, because I was such a scaredy cat.

  3. Hope ya'll have fun at the zoo!!!! That seems like a perfect family activity!

  4. Praying blessings on your weekend and the arrival of your baby! :)

    Dropping in from GTKY.

  5. Stopping by from GTKY, sounds like yall have a fun day planned tomorrow!

  6. Good luck with the baby! So exciting. The zoo and water park sound awesome!

  7. Stopping by from GTKY! I hope y'all had fun at the zoo! And congrats on baby #2!!! I love the name Isabelle!

    I'm a new follower! Can't wait to hear all about the new baby!

  8. Good luck with the new baby! Your weekend sounds fun! I love the zoo!

    Following you now and can't wait to see and hear about your new baby!

  9. i'm with you on texting!!! i hope this last day is a sweet one with the three of you! i'll be praying for you tomorrow! can't wait to see her!

  10. An "Emma" day. I LOVE that! I was only 3, but I still remember those last few days of mommy time before my lil' sis came along!

  11. We love splash parks and it costs us 14 dollars a person just for one person t get into the zoo! Hope you had a great weekend!


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