Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

HeeeeeyLO everyone!!  First I wanted to tell you all go check out Kelly Marie @ Confessions of a Law School Dropout because I am her guest blogger today!  I know you all can NEVER get enough of meee, haha!

Now a little Weekend Wrap-up...
Friday started out by having to take Emma to the doc to see why she was getting blisters on her hand.  She has eczema, so my first thought was a breakout, but they thought it might have been chicken pox or a viral infection of some sort.  I FREAKED OUT was a weee bit concerned, but because she had the pox vaccine the week before it would only have been a small breakout.  We had to wait until yesterday (Monday) to find out that it was NOT the pox and her hand looks MUUUUCH better!!  We hung low Friday night, because we didn't want to infect anyone with her possibly pox.  We also ordered the nursery furniture (which will be in Thursday) from  The set we ended up going with was less expensive than the in store one we were looking at and it was free shipping!!

Saturday, Emma and I headed to my parents so my mom and I could go to one of my best friends house warming party, while Emma and Grampy stayed home.  Yuri had to work, booo!  Before we went to the house warming party, another one of my BFFLs came over to catch up and see Emma; it was a nice, long, and very much needed,  visit.  I'm glad I didn't take Emma to the house warming party, because there were a few babies and children there and while we were gone Emma slept for 3 hours and woke up with a temperature (probably first or second time EVER in her life)!  We headed home to see the hubs and so began our crazy night!  Emma woke up every 2-3 hours during the night and subsequently slept in bed with us (for the first time EVER), she peaked a temp of 104.1 at one point (only for about 5 minutes, but it was still scary).  She was shaking and her little heart was beating so fast, I felt awful!

Sunday Yuri had a police parade to march and compete in and my whole family was supposed to go, but my mom and aunt offered to say at our house with Emma and I went with my dad, uncle, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his GF, and of course my parents pup Dukie!!
{Dukie patiently waiting for Yuri to get to us...and snoozing a bit haha!}
{APD marching towards us}
{APD performing their drill routine, they won first place!}
{Yuri is on the SWAT(special Op) team for APD too}
{The USMC silent drill platoon was also there, they were AWESOME}
{Yuri is a Marine, but not active duty ANYMORE!!}
{The hubs & I}
{Yuri & his brother}
So we had a good and VERY bad weekend all at the same time, and we can report that Emma is back to normal, no temperature all day yesterday & today!!

Today we are off to another doctors appointment for Baby Izzie and I!!  Hopefully we can schedule my C-section today, most likely not until next week, but cross your fingers for us!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. New follower! Read all about you at Confessions of a Law School Drop Out and thought I'd come over and follow :-)

    Have a great week!

  2. Glad Emma feels better...the new baby furniture set is adorable!..& how exciting that you're doing a guest post!!! :)

  3. Glad to hear it's not POX. I never had it and my fear is that I'll get it when my some day kids do.. Glad she's feeling better.

  4. the baby furniture is so cute!!
    great pictures hun :)
    i hope you are having a good day!

  5. So glad things turned out okay! Love the baby furniture!!

  6. Poor little Emma :( booooo I hate that she was so sick!!

  7. The furniture is adorable! You're getting so close to GO TIME!

  8. so glad emma doesn't have the pox! that had to have been scary! thank goodness she's much better. the furniture is great! woo hoo to free shipping! hope your appt went well and that you were able to schedule your c-section.

  9. I am glad that Emma is doing better! I love the pics of the furniture! You are so close to having another baby. Can't wait to see when you get scheduled to have your new bundle!

  10. wow girl, you had a really wild weekend!!! I hope Emma feels better soon xo

  11. poor little emma! my sister had a fever-induced seizure at 1 1/2 and it was possibly the scariest thing i've ever witnessed. i was 19 and home from college for christmas. so i am PSYCHO about kids having fevers. i am going to be so annoying about that when i'm a mom, i've already apologized to the mister.

    the parade looked fun! your hubs looked very handsome! gotta love a guy in uniform :)


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