Monday, May 24, 2010

Miscellany Monday/Weekend Wrap up...all in one!!

It's Monday and you know what that means riiiight....Carissa over @ lowercase letters presents...MISCELLANY MONDAY!!  I am just gonna go ahead and wrap my weekend up in this fabulous alliteration day as well!

{1.}  So we got EVERYTHING else we need for the nursery!!  Its all decorated, now we just need to get our computer down to the new office and Yuri's work clothing into our closet.  This involves a trip to IKea tonight, which is ALWAYS interesting and fun!  We do however need wall hangings, any inexpensive ideas?!?!

{2.}So Friday night we headed up to Portsmouth, NH with my family in preparation for the baby brothers graduation from UNH!  Saturday morning was the graduation, which Emma was pretty good at considering it was 2 and a half hours long!!  The CEO of life is good was the commencement speaker and he was sooo entertaining and easy to listen to!  After the ceremony we headed to a fraternity members families house near by for a little party in celebration of all the graduation TKE graduates!

{He DID it}
{Tommy & his new adorable gf}
{The family!}
{My aunt & uncle with Tommy}
{Tommy & his friends at the graduation party!}

{3.}  My nerves/hormones have been very much on edge with the impending arrival of my second bundle of joy!  Its going to be an interesting last week to say the least, but my understanding and caring husband will be and has been by my side through it all!  So, here is one of the last belly shots before I hit the hospital...

{4.}  I could NOT be more excited for SATC to come out Thursday!!  I love me some Carrie Bradshaw, she really makes everything better haha!  It's also my aunts birthday that day and my uncle is in San Jose, California because his father is in the hospital and he had to fly out last minute because its not looking good.  So I am hoping to get a babysitter for Emma and take my aunt out for the movie and some lunch to celebrate and get her mind off of life in general!

{5.}  Last, but certainly not least...As you probably could guess a double stroller is definitely in my future!  Unfortunately they are expensive and I just don't know which one is the best for my situation or just in general.  There are so many out there to choose from and so many different styles...any suggestions?!?!

Okay thats all folks...Happy Monday to all, and to all a good afternoon!!


  1. AHHHHH good luck in the hospital lady! I cannot wait to see pictures of Izzy!! :)

  2. Ahh I can't believe almost June 1st! Next Tuesday!! It's kinda of fun knowing the date.

  3. so glad the nursery is all ready!!! you are adorable - love the belly shot! after we put our bumbleride in the trunk, i thought... hmmm... maybe we should've gone uber cheap and went for a double umbrella stroller! the small size of them is tempting! i hope this week is good for you; despite all the hormones!

    thanks so much for joining in the random!

  4. Aww you look so cute! :)

    Looks like yall had fun at your brother's graduation! :)

  5. Good luck in the hospital! I can't wait to see your little one!

  6. You look adorable, sounds like a good weekend. I can't wait to see SATC!

  7. Your baby bump is so cute! I love it! It is like you have a watermelon under your dress. I am so glad that you got everything you needed for the nursery. One less thing to worry about!

  8. As much as I love the belly pictures I can't wait to see pictures of little Izzy!

  9. It's almost time. Yay! Wish I could help you with the double stroller situation. I'm hoping I'll be in your place next year!

  10. Congrats on finishing the nursery!! Good luck!


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