Monday, May 10, 2010

Miscellany Monday!

Carissa over at lowercase letters has been doing her Miscellany Monday for awhile now and invited everyone to join on in...So I thought I would!

Basically the rules are to write about ANYTHING really, the more random the better and I believe she usually does 5!  So here we goooo....

{1.}  Last week the IRS FINALLY stopping holding the wonderfully large check they sent us for paying too much out of the hubs check each month and we went out and spent spent spent...
{The neighbors were starting to judge, so we got ourselves a lawn mower!!}
{A grill is a necessity in my family, they grill from about March/April until November and in Massachusetts thats borderline crazy!}
{AAAnd last but not least we got ourselves some hardwood flooring for the basement project that seems to be never-ending!}

{2.}  After the Mother's Day lunch at my aunts and dinner at my house with the MIL, both of which were excellent, I started to feel really weird.  I was having shortness of breath and sharp pains right at the top of my uterus (ick sorry about using this word, haha).  I tried taking deep breaths and I couldn't.  Then I starting thinking about the last time I felt the baby move and I couldn't for the life of me remember when the last time she moved around.  I was concerned, to say the least.
What does a girl do when she doesn't know the answer...She calls her mommy!  She said my doctor would definitely be able to help, and she said to take some tylenol walk around or prop myself up on the couch with some pillows and if it doesn't get better within the half hour to go to the ER.  So, I followed her instructions and I started feeling better within that time frame, so I got to stay home.  PHEW, I don'tsomuch love ERs or their copay levels!  I woke up this morning feeling COMPLETELY better!

{3.}  It is currently 9:30am here and because I wasn't feeling well last night, I had some of the chocolate cake I slaved over Saturday evening aaaaaand my Emma is just waking up!  I love my crazy/lazy baby (Happy Mothers Day a day late, to me!)

{4.}  I was able to schedule my C-Section for 1:30pm on June 1st, woohoo, there is an end in sight!  Now we just need to finish things up in the basement so we can move everything from the old office (Izzie's room) to the new office downstairs.  Until then, I have a ginormous box in the living room with three pieces of furniture waiting for the hubs to put together, that should be fun for him!  Although, Emma finds it to be a fun place to sit and play with her toys.

{5.}  My baby brother was home yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day and his birthday (which is on Tuesday).  He is going to be 23; that is the craziest thing EVER!  This is the boy who, as a child, would do ANYTHING I told him to do up to and including wear girly dress up clothing and being the dog when we played house.  I don't torture him so much anymore and consider him to be one of my best friends!  It's just so shocking to think that he is 23, graduating from college, staying up in NH to work, and overall is a grownup now.  He will be Baby Izzie's god father and I couldn't ask for a better person to do so, he is one of the funniest people I know (aside from my mother that is) and he is so easy to be around and so smart!
{My mom, baby brother, ME, adopted brother Blaine, and father}
{Moi, Hubs, Blaine, and baby brother Thomas}

Welp, random it might have been, but miscellaneous it was for sure!  So head on over to Carissa's blog and LINK IT UP people!  It's a fun way to blog about stuff you might not normally blog about.


  1. thanks so much for joining in! you are awesome and i love all of your random (except for having pains and stuff... i don't like that!).

    yay for finally getting your money! that has got to be such a blessing... especially before the baby comes.

    i'm so glad you are feeling better. thank goodnes you didn't have to pay the ER a visit! keep resting! and eat that cake now whenever you want, while you still have a good excuse!

    june 1st is right around the corner - ooh, i like 1:30 pm, that means you can sleep in!!! we will have babes in our arms in no time!

    have a wonderful monday!

  2. sounds like you had a good weekend....glad the pain went away and all is okay!
    sounds like you spent your money very well!
    your delivery date is going to come up so quick, how exciting!! :)

  3. Hmm, sounds like fun. Maybe I will try this too!

    That's not fun that you had the pains. I'm glad they got better for you and you avoided the ER. I know I had a few times when I wouldn't remember the last time the twins moved. It's definitely scary. I'm glad everything's ok. June 1st is SO close!

    PS. I'm living in North Attleboro now. We should have a play date sometime! I know the twins would love it ;)

  4. You put that tax money to good use :-) I can't have a grill where I live right now and it is torture!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  5. yayyyyy for baby izzie!!!! (: glad you're feeling better lady! We must have a dinner date before I move!!

  6. Your purchases are FABULOUS! Our tax refund paid for something equally gall bladder surgery. Er, not quite as fabulous!!!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I just found your blog and I've never commented so this might be a strange first comment...but it IS Misc. Monday right???

  7. Tax refunds are so great! Just found your blog, and love it, follow us at:


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