Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's July!!!!

It's the first of the month...Isn't that a song or something from bone thugs n harmony (haha I sound very ghetto fabulous with this reference and I don't even mind it ONE BIT!)?!?!

Aaaaanyways, Today is July first and that means baby girl is exactly one month old TOOOOday!  I wish I had some adorable photos to show you, but I am exhausted and actually just looked at the clock and I should be in bed (its 12:04am so it's technically not the 1st anymore...but please don't hold it against me, k thanks!).  I will post some pictures from the little photo shoot I made the babe endure tomorrow.

So I know I have been very random with my posting lately, but I have just been trying to read everyones blogs and that has subsequently left me zero time to make a decent post of my own.  I have also been feeling very boring of late, same old same old every day.  Although, yesterday I took some hypothetical cold water and splashed my face with it.  This chick needed a wake up call.  I have a 20 month old and a newborn who need me to be a good mommy and teach them how to be the best they can be.  I have just been feeling so blah and I realized it is because I work best on a schedule and with two babies schedules can go straight out the door.  However, I put together a nice rough schedule together consisting of essential baby things and house chores.  One of the noteworthy things I added was structured play time with Emma.  I have found lately that she is so very bored with me, life, her toys, EVERYTHING really and this leads her to be veeeeery fresh (boredom does this to adults too I've noticed).

Structured play is for 30 minutes in the morning with me and then again after dinner with "Tato."  Today I set up a water bucket with lots of different things to put in it that reacte to water differently.  Lets just say that by the end of it she was naked haha, she LOVED it and life!
We went to the store and got some more things for our baskets of learning (phonics stuff for later, texture bucket, sand bucket, and crafty things).  Tato is going to do more physical things like playing soccer and throwing balls!!

Okay thats all for now, the hubs just got home from work aaaand I am going to be getting a wake up call in a few hours (lets hope 5am like yesterday)!


  1. Aww Shelbs! I am glad that you are getting back on track with a schedule, and that you're feeling better! I can imagine how easy it is to get in a funk when you do the same thing day in and day out, I've been there! Without the whole kids part, obviously. You're a great mom, keep up the great work!

  2. Aw yah for 1 month birthday! She is getting so big!

  3. Awww Happy 1 month! She is just adorable!!!


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