Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Thursday...

I have been a bit MIA the past couple of days because I am working on the transition into being my sororities new Chapter Advisor.  LOTS of Fall semester planning going on.

Today you are going to get a little of Murdock's Mama's Just Thursday (every time I say this I think of Jack from Will & Grace when he tried to have a one man show called "Just Jack!"). AAAAAAnyways...

Outside my window...The sun is setting on what turned out to be a pretty nice day (they forecasted rain and storm weather).
The time is...8:03 p.m.
Today I a bum, we haven't done anything for a couple of days and the babies want to get out!
I am thinking...abut all of the things I should be doing right now!!!
At the moment, I am thankful...For my fabulous husband who got up @ 5am after the baby was crying until 1am to go to work and is now going back in to work until midnight tomorrow evening!!
I am my aunts house bright and early to hang out and then Emma is getting a swim lesson tomorrow evening!
I am pants and a college springfest T shirt
I wish...I could have some self control sometimes...
I am reading...Good Night New Hampshire, Go dogs go, Bernstein get the picture haha!
I am working on...Appointing a new advisory board for the chapter I am advising.
I am stop having to reach into our savings!!
I am hearing...a cranky baby crying
Around the house...The hubs is eating dinner in his undies haha, the baby is screaming, and Emma is in  bed.
I bet you didn't know...That I will be watching Jersey Shore tonight!
One of my favorite...brands of water is smart water.  I don't care what anyone says, water can have a taste and it tastes good!
My weekend plans include...a 4th Birthday party on Saturday and who knows what else!!


  1. I love smart water too!! Did you get any further with Twenties Girl?! Thanks for playing along & have an awesome weekend!! have a rockstar hubby!! Lucky girl!

  2. Smart Water is the greatest thing ever. I completely agree it is 1,000 times better than regular water. Especially for hangovers!

  3. i must try smart water. its so sweet of our men to get up with the babes every now and then. hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy that bday party!

  4. Good luck with your soroity stuff!

    And smart water really is the best stuff in the world! For real! And the electrolytes are awesome!!


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