Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekend recap...on Wednesday evening!

Ya ya ya I know, the upcoming weekend is almost upon us and I'm posting about the last one!  Well it was a suuuuper long weekend for me, so there!

Soooo, starting with Friday (the 2nd)...
{Structured play with Emma and Mama consisted of decorating this lovely American flag wind chime.  Purchased for a dollar at the Christmas Tree Shop!!!}
{Play time for Emma and Tato was A LOT more fun!}

The husband had to work over night on the 2nd, but he had the entire next day and the 4th until 5pm!!  So, we headed to the beach to say hey to our friends and then hit our hometown fireworks...
{Emma having a fabulous time as always!}
{Watching the fireworks with our friends mom}

On the forth we cleaned our office up a bit (still major renovations going on, booo) and then the girls and I heading to my aunts for some BBQing and the Hubs had to head into work.  After dinner we headed to mi casa and watched fireworks there, we got VIP parking because the hunny is a police officer! (no pictures from my camera)

The fifth was spent by the pool with fabulous friends and family and the husband actually had the day off (although he was ridiculously a bit hungover and useless...not so good when you have two babes to watch).
{haha nice burn (not from that day)}
{Matching cutsie dresses, however neither wants to be apart my mini photoshoot haha}

And then the reason for my super long weekend was because we hit my aunts pool again on the 6th because Emma got a swim lesson from my friend Erin...
{Drinking some water probably haha}

I love weekends like this, where you're productive around the house while still getting to have fun with friends and family...especially when its fun in the sun!

Catch ya'll on the flip side...


  1. Very cute, love the matching dresses!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Yay for sunshine & pool time!!

  3. Looks like fun!! They are so cute!!

  4. Aw looks like fun I love their matching outfits you dress them so cute! I already have ideas in my head! :) Tato's burn is baddd..

  5. Looooooove the matching outfits. Such pretty little ladies!

  6. Now that looks like a great weekend! Those matching outfits are TO DIE FOR!

  7. Looks like an incredible weekend!

  8. Aw look at Emma and Litch! It looks like it was a great weekend!!

  9. I love the matching outfits! The picture of your hubs sleeping in the pool floatie is awesome.


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