Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mommy Mishap

As you all know from reading yesterday...babycakes did NOT have a good day Sunday.  She wanted to be a snuggle bug with her momma and cry ALL.DAY. LONG!  I am starting to think it was because my milk was either not so good or she wasn't getting enough, because when I went to the doctors yesterday the scale showed that I had lost 5 pounds in the matter of 3 and a half days...YIKES (but also woohoo)!  Resolution from here on out is to add more points to my WW plan and eat lots for babycakes to be happy and survive!

Anywho, its a Toasty Tuesday out there so Emma, Izzie, and I are heading over to my aunts pool to soak up the sun and swim our butts off.  Catch ya on the flip side friends!


  1. Poor lil miss :( Have fun at the pool!!!

  2. Poor baby! Now you have a great excuse to chow down...take advantage. Have fun in the sun!!!

  3. Have a great day in the sun!
    You have the greatest excuse to chow down, hands down. :)

  4. Ha I totally thought you had a good sunday sorry! I guess that would affect her too.. Good job though on loosing 5 lbs but keep little one happy :) Eat some oreos!

  5. Hope your milk is more tasty now! :)But woo hoo on the 5 lbs!


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