Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday AGAIN, isn't it amazing how the summer is already FLYING by!!  Don't go so quickly!

We also know that around these neck of the woods Monday also means its time for the Miscellaneous.

So after you read my BRILLIANT post head on over to Carissa's fabulous blog and LINK.IT.UP!

{1.}  We spent the entire day at home Sunday and by we I mean the hubs too (rare that he has a weekend day off and I haven't scheduled us to do something).  Of course this is the day that Emma decided to be a crazypants ALL.DAY.LONG!!  Then, Isabelle decided to play the ohsocute game of I am going to cry all day unless my mom holds me.  Let me just paint a picture of my day...I spent the entire day trying to piece together my grocery list, yes you heard right ALL DAY LONG (and I am not even finished, not even one coupon was cut)!

{2.}  Hi, my name is Shelby and I am a punctuationaholic.  So I have come to realize from blogging that I try to overly punctuate sentences, further more I looove to put an exclamation point at the end of EVERY sentence.  To the point that when I leave comments on peoples blogs and have to do the word verification (which I do not love, sorry peeps) I sometimes accidentally put one in!

{3.}  Weight Watchers update: So I am having a HUGE problem staying away from these lovelies...
Literally had 5 today....eeek!

{4.}  My cousin and her boyfriend are flying in from San Luis Obispo today!!!  They are staying for a week and I am so excited!

{5.}  My friend Kristen just started up her blog, so please please go check her out.  She is one of the best people I know and one of my bestest friends.  We have been friends since middle school and she is one of the funniest people I know (hello, class clown superlative in high school).  Her blog is And As You Know, No One Likes A Judger.  Here she is with Emma when Emma was much better behaved...
{This picture of Emma, when she was a babe, kind of looks like Izzie and I haven't seen her in Izzie until looking at this}

I hope everyone has a fantabulous week...see you all in the blogosphere!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. mm... i had a huge delicious chocolate chip cookie today! it was amazing!!

  2. I love exclamation points myself and overly use them! Who can resist chocolate chip cookies anyways!

  3. Those cookies look undeniably scrumptious. Just one or two won't hurt. lol. You can share with me. Hope your Monday was good and I'm passing an award to you. Check it out!

  4. I always overuse exclamation points too. Those cookies look delish! Now I'm craving some. :D

  5. i can completely relate to #1 and #2!!! <----notice the three exclamations... case in point! our sunday was very similar! i left lil' girl home w/ daddy and took hunter to the grocery store that afternoon. - i felt so accomplished. lol! i've had to put my coupon clipping on the back burner for awhile - sigh.

  6. That was alot of exclamation marks!!!! :) I use those alot too and try to take them out because I find I use them too much.

    Glad you had a nice Sunday!


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