Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday!

Woohoo it's Thursday!!  That means we are one day closer to the weekend aaaaand the hubs and I are going out on the town with all my cousins and brothers to get our drank on tonight!

It also means that the lovely Katie over @ life in the Fulmer Lane is hosting Thoughtless (or thought-filled) Thursdays!!
Today I am going with pictures I randomly chose.  I literally closed my eyes and chose the pictures that my arrow landed on.  How perfect that it landed on pictures of my only living grandparent and Emma, so special to me.  She is such a sweet/amazing woman and it is so sad to me that she now has Alzheimer's and the woman I know is beginning to fade.  This disease robs you of who you are, and when she has moments of lucidness it is so nice to see the woman she once was holding a conversation and in this case my baby girl.
My Grandmother (GG to the girls) has always been a baby person (like all the people in my family) and through the Alzheimer's she actually remembered Emma from visit to visit and knew the connection to me and my husband (all new connections, which are grounded by the old connection of me, her first granddaughter).  With the arrival of another baby girl (Isabelle) GG has been a bit confused as to which baby girl is which, but she knows there are two and she knows she loooves holding Izzie!

Also in the mix of this folder was this photo (how could I not include it)...
{Duke, my parents pup...I love love love him!!)

So head on over to Katie's blog and show her some Thoughtless Thursday love, she is fabulous and adorably preggers!!


  1. Aw such sweet photos of her and Emma! Every moment is a precious one.

  2. grandma passed away 3 years ago to Alzheimer's. It's something that is very near and dear to my heart. I am so thankful that she got to meet Fred before she passed. It's a horrible disease that no one should face. She looks beautiful holding Emma. Sweet post!

  3. What a great photo Shelby!!! So sweet & I'm glad that your grandmother has made the connection of there being 2 little ones, that's definitely good! Miss you!!

  4. My parents' have a boston terrier named Molly! She's 15 now--I love her!

    What I really love are those pictures! So sweet! I loved it when I was able to introduce my son to my grandparents. I never thought that I would get to do that since I'm in the middle of 17 & they are gettin on up there. I did though--best day ever! So I know this day was special to you too!

  5. How wonderful. I love the pictures. Stopping by and following from Thoughtless Thursday.

  6. what a sweet SWEET post. grandparents are so dear, they have so much history and family heritage in them that you just want to breathe them in as much as you can! i love the pictures of her holding baby girl. so precious.

    and i must say your parents pup is DARLING!

    thanks for playing!!!

  7. Love the pictures with your Grandma and Emma. I only have one Grandparent left also... and we call her GG too!!


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