Monday, April 5, 2010

The Preppy MAAAFFIA!

Hey all, so Kelly over at Confession of a Law School Dropout, She has an AWESOME blog - go check her ouuuut, tagged me in The Preppy Mafia...

1.  Who is your style icon?
I cannot say I have ever really put much thought into this, but I LOVE me some Lauren Conrad!!

2.  What is your favorite socialite book?
Not sure if this counts, but I ABSOLUTELY love Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic series!

3.  Favorite Party theme?
I honestly haven't had a themed party (other than holidays) in sooooo long!  But I could never pass up a graffitti party...
{I just loved writing on people}

4.  Go to Halloween Costume?
I have a favorite costume (wore it when I was 4 and then again when I was 23 - probably the same size) and that is Rainbow Bright!!
{The hubs AKA Chip n' Dales dancer and I in our crazier days}

5.  Extravagance you can not live without?
I would say either my brand new amazing macbook:
Or my blackberry tour...

6.  Living person you admire?
I admire both of my parents so much!  My dad works unbelievably hard and always has, he has worked his way up from the bottom to a VERY good VP spot in his company (he worked his way up through several different companies).  His determination and drive is something I only wish to possess and I respect him so much for what he has done for my family and really everyone he loves!  Then there is my mom who can literally do it ALL.  She has been a hairdresser, owned her own salon, stay-at-home mom,  worked in the elementary schools, travel agent, real estate secretary, real estate agent, and now back to travel agent!  That is just what is on her resume too, she is and does so much more.  I hope to be half the mother and friend she is!!  She is also one of the funniest people I have EVER met!
{My wonderful parents on one of the many vacations they have been on}

7.  Greatest Fear?
I try not to live in fear and live for today and what today brings!  Yes I know cop out, but I really have no major fears.

8.  Trait you dislike about yourself?
My memory is horrible!  It is sad how little I remember about my own life.  I even sometimes find it hard to remember what happened at the beginning of an in depth conversation.

9.  Which talent you would most like to have?
I would loooove to be a better runner, but it just does NOT come naturally to me.  This is hoenstly what I look like after the shortest of runs...

10.  Greatest Achievement?
Unfortunately I just don't feel like I have lived up to my fullest capacity.  However, I am very proud of the things I have done and still do for my sorority.  At the last international convention I went to (which was 4 years ago) I presented the dinner blessing before the awards banquet in front of 700+ people.  I am very proud of how I can hold myself in situations like that.

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*Cop out alert*
So I am not picking any 10 bloggers in particular,
I love anyone who feel my blog is worthy of following.
So, follow the instructions,
then let me know you did it and I'll holler at your post!

See you all on the flip side...and Happy Monday!


  1. So sweet that you named your parents. I would say doing good things for your sorority is an awesome achievement.

    Thanks for stopping over to my place. I love N'awlins!

  2. I LOVE Lauren Conrad (: Have you read her books? Totes my guilty pleasure haha

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic series! LOVE IT!!! lol

  4. Love this post Shelby! Love LC (and her books haha) and my blackberry tour!


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