Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Hey all so it's been like THE MOST CRAZIEST day, not even really sure why haha!  But, I wanted to make sure I got some sort of post in!  I know you ladies would absolutely die if you didn't see my little post pop up in you google reader dashboard!!

Anywho, I have been getting a lot of faces like this lately...
{Cute, huh...NO}

We have developed the mindset that what we want we MUST get and if not we will let it be known LOUD and CLEAR!

So sorry that this is like totally and like completely boring man (not sure why I have adopted the "valley girl" talk tonight, but just go with it), but I have LOTS of homework piling up and need to attend to it!  Catch you for some thoughtless Thursday tomorrow!!


  1. I would have died without a post from you! Love the pics. So precious!

  2. Cute pics, and good luck with the homework.

  3. I love me some EMMA!!! Hope you get all your work done girl!

  4. so cute! i'm know those days are right around the corner for me. yikes! but at least their cute while they fuss.

  5. I love the picts! She is precious, although Im sure you would disagree slightly when fits are being thrown.

  6. ha! your little one is adorable :)

    p.s. cute blog! :)new follower!!


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