Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday in da house!

Hey all, so it is once again Thursday, aka almost Friday aka almost the weeeekend!!  Not that I am ready for the weekend or anything (long weekend that is, woohooo!).

Okay lets get down to bidness...

First, I wanted to thank Jen over at A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with toys... for featuring me on her daily Pearly Bloggers post yesterday, I know how silly of me not to post this yesterday!  So go check her blog out, and scope out the feature she did one me!  If any of you are interested in her doing it for you she lists how to get into contact with her!

And secondly...Do you know what today iiiiiis?!?!  That's right its Katie's Thoughtless Thursday over at Life in the Fulmer Lane!  I love this alliteration day, because you can post pictures from ANY point in time, as old or new, embarrassing or proud you are of the shots you are posting!!  So once you are done eating up every ounce of the amazing photogs you are about to view here, head on over to Katie's blog and McLinky it up!!
Today I will be uploading the pictures that my fabulous sorority little sister took of my family this weekend (my maternity shoot is what we are calling it, but not so much bare belly action - its not really my thing to bare it all)!  Anywho, she really rocked it this time, quite possibly best of us yet!  She is amazing, her name is Alanna Scully and you should go check ALL of her work out at her blog, because she is the bomb diggity.  I use her for all of my photography needs, which with marriage and babies seems to be quite often!

{I mean how great is this one!}

{She was Queen of the playground!}
{The dutiful daughter givin' some LOVE}
{All time fave picture of us EVER...the hubs never smiles}

{Spiderman WHAAAT}

{Ugh, is this not AAADORABLE!}

Okay, so enough of the bragosaurus, but I just love all of these pictures!!  So, First head over to Katie's blog and Link it up and then head over to Alanna's blog and check her photography out (she really is fabulous!).

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone...


  1. Alanna really does such a fab job!! They are beautiful (:

  2. LOVELY pictures! LOVE THEM!!! thanks for playing!!!

  3. 1-3-7 Rock my socks off! So stinkin cute!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a cute family you have! Your lil one is too stinkin' cute ( :

  5. Such cute pictures, yall are very photogenic! I just love the picture of you and your hubby (the 3rd one from the bottom) you both look so happy! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures Shelby!!

  7. These pictures are great! You must be getting so excited for the newest addition!


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