Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...Glee!!

Hump day is once again upon us and it is one mighty fine day, if I do say so myself!  70 degrees outside and I got to hear my little Izzie's heart beating fast and furious!

Anywho, once again it is Wishful Wednesday over at The Seattle Smith's...
'I wish' .... I could be a GLEE character for an episode and it would NO DOUBT be Sue Sylvester!

{Source} For both pictures (above & below)

An obvious pick would have been Rachel, because lets face it she is so uber talented and oh yah the main character, but I went a different path.  I chose Miss Sue Sylvester because she is so OUTRAGEOUS and you know you keep watching to see what shenanigans she comes up with!  There is also the minor factor that I was a cheerleading in high school and she is portraying exactly what it was like for me in high school hahaha, jk people jk!  I am and was not a hoe fo sho!

So for those of you that are trapped in a Gleeless world, snap out of it and jump on the bandwagon, because this show is funny, entertaining, dramatic, unrealistic, and so much more!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love Glee and love Sue Sylvester! She's the only reason I can even get Kevin to watch the show.

  2. Very well said to snap out and jump on the wagon! It's soooo good and Sue's character is great!


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