Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday presents Easter photos...

I usually like to participate in Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's Wishful Wednesday, but A. I haven't posted any Easter pictures and B. Today is about diets and I feel like I will focus on dieting in about 2 months (when baby Izzie is here and all!)  So I thought I would do a "Wordless Wednesday," which I see a few people partaking in.  I don't think anyone has a link or button for this alliteration day, but if there is someone out there that I am unaware of, I will link it right up!!

So hear are some Easter shots...not completely wordless...but how could you expect that...

{Emma and the creepy Easter bunny, with which she did NOT love!  Actual tears from the sight of him haha!}
{Emma and I decorating Easter eggs, for the first time}
{Emma found her basket and new Dora the Explorer pull out couch!}
{Emma, her loot, and the couch...apparently she thinks there should be more in her Hello Kitty basket}
{Emma and the hubs testing out the new bubbles!}
{Grammy and Grampy must have had a visit from the Easter bunny}
{I love this one, pure joy...a girl and her candy}
{Emma trying to blow some bubbles, or eat them...not sure!}
{Emma and her favorite cousin Jared}
{Emma's first taste of lime!}

This was a great holiday for my beautiful baby girl and family in general, I hope Emma enjoyed her last one as an only child, I know The hubs and I did!  I am getting very anxious about the arrival of another beauty, what will occasions like this be like, let alone every day life.  I guess only time will tell!

Have a Stupendous Hump day!!


  1. Adorable Easter photos! Are you seriously due in 2 months?! It seems like I just read that!

  2. precious pictures. I love the pure joy and candy one!! When are you actually due?

  3. Shelby, I swear Emma keeps getting cuter and cuter every time you post pictures of her!

  4. Aw, looks like she enjoyed it to me. Fun times!

  5. Okay so Emma is precious! I loved looking at all of your pictures. It looked like a wonderful Easter!

  6. what CUTE pictures! and that was a creepy bunny, he looked like a HUGE white rabbit from alice in wonderland!!!


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