Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday back at it again...

Happy Thursday, almost Friday at this point!  Emma and I had a busy day filled with homework and allergies and being best friends!

Anywho, we all know what Thursday iiiiis...Katie over @ Life in the Fulmer Lane's Thoughtless Thursday, woohoo!!

So I chose to do a little flashback to Countryfest 2007, Yup a little Kenny Chesney tailgating action!  The good old days, when babies and pregnancy were no issue for this girl!
{We got temporary tattoos and OBVIOUSLY had to show them off}

{My shirt is on, the straps are just off, apparently I wanted to be a hoochie MAMMA!  Sidebar, how adorable is my husband!}

{My lil sis found her way over to our tailgating area!}
{We are all so sober, notsomuch!}
{Straps are up must mean this is from the beginning of the day, it was a scorcher out there folks!}
{Getting shielded from the sun and our buzz on!}

Good times!  Although Kenny has said farewell to his Countryfest summer touring for awhile, we will still be going out and tailgating another country concert this summer!!  I can't wait to be able to join in on the festivities, WOOHOO!!

So head on over to Katie's bliggty blog and link up your Thoughtless Thursdayness, and also wish her a Happy 5 Year Anniversary with her Mister (it's tomorrow)!


  1. Ewwww to that picture.

    Seriously worst tan (or burn for moi) lines everrrr from that concert.

    LOVE the trip down memory lane though! :)

  2. Love! Kenny is everywhere lately and I don't hate it! I'm pretty sure that this is the concert I fell asleep at...


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