Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Temptation Tuesday...

Hey all, so I am CRAAAZY busy this week with school (last week of classes then finals next week), so I will most likely be slacking.  But, before I hit the sheets for the evening, I thought I would tempt myself with a little Miss Kriss Temptation Tuesday action!  Check her out and see if her Temptation Tuesday denim doesn't tempt you, just try it!
So what is tempting me, you say...Well, clothing that wasn't designed for a person to expand to the size of a whale! (for those of you that are unaware, I am 34 weeks preggers and feeling HUGE)  I hopped onto Express's website and tempted myself, because in T-minus 10 weeks (heres to hoping haha) I plan on being O-U-T OUT OUT OUT of hideous oversized clothing!

Please enjoy these little numbers from a store I frequent quite often, Express!
I just went to the new arrivals tab and shoes tab (the bed is really calling my name tonight) and these are only a few of the items I adored...

{Not sure if these are quite my thing, being a mom of 2 now especially, but I bet they would make me feel pretty sexy rexy}

Thanks for tempting me on this wonderful tuesday Miss Kriss!!

So, I love you all and I am very sad to admit I may be a but MIA for the next couple of weeks, but I will try my bestest!!

Happy Tuesday to all and to all a GOODNIGHT!


  1. Hey, who says a mom of 2 can't wear something hot from Express!?!? I say go for it girl! Besides, you'll deserve a nice night out to wear those clothes! :)

  2. oohh.. i love all of these! looks like i will be heading to express really soon! <3

  3. Ohhh girlie! I'll take one of everything you picked out! :) You have great taste! And by the way, own it like the rockstar mother of two that you are! You would look fab in any of those things! :)

    Yaaay!! Thanks for playing along!! You totally made my day! (Even though I'm a day late! Whoopsie! My apologies! Hey - Better late than never, right?!)

    Have a great night, girlie!


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