Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

Taylor over at the Undomestic Momma presents, Top Two Tuesday...Magazines!

1.  People Magazine, which it seems like a popular pick, but I can't go too long without scoping out the lives of the rich and dramatic!!
{I went back in the day on ya here!}

2.  My second one is Lucky magazine, because I love how they feature different shops in your nearest metro area!  They also have great style tips and pieces in general!  I have been a subscriber for years now.
{Can you see a theme here.  I love me some Jessica, don't judge!}

So head on over to Taylor's page and link it up!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I am veeeery busy with school this week, so I will try my best not to be a slaaaacker!


  1. YAY!!! I love your magazine picks! You can never go wrong with People! I love opening the mailbox and seeing it in there! I hope you have a great day!!

  2. I love People! :)

    Lucky's a good magazine too! I had a subscription as a gift one year, it's great for fashion tips!

  3. I love LUCKY! Its great for shopping :)

  4. We all love celeb mags!! Hope you are having a nice week!

  5. it is super awesome that lucky features local shops.

  6. I love that JSimps is on the cover of both of those :)

  7. Who doesn't love some People. I am still mourning the loss of Nick and Jessica! Such a sad day!

  8. Nice picks! This is the first time I have participated in one of the "theme days".



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