Friday, September 3, 2010

Duke Wellington!

Happy Friday everyone!  Long weekend, yes pleeease.  Hurricane Earl, no thanks I'll pass.  Yes, folks thats right I live in what could be Earl's path, but not on an island or on Cape Cod so I should be good.  Tonight will just be a good excuse to stay in and drink wine!

So to completely change subjects...Wednesday evening I was sitting in my living room when Marley & Me came on HBO (which we just got a 3 month FREE subscription because my hubs is the  Now I have heard from several people that this is a VERY sad movie, but I still watched it.  VERY.BAD.IDEA!  I actually thought it was a great movie and really related to the Jen (Jennifer Anniston's character), hi she has two boys close in age and is crazed (me in a nutshell)!

The reason it was a bad idea to watch is because my parents dog, fondly referred to as "my brother Duke," is pretty sick.  Death of one dog=death of my dog.  Marley was a crazy dog, so was Duke.  Marley was so gentile with the babies, so was Duke.  Marley all of the sudden (clearly after many years, but sudden considering its a 2 hour movie) got real sick and had to visit the vet, lately thats all Duke has been doing.

He was diagnosed with a very serious intestinal disease today and its VERY fatal if not treated correctly.  He has gone from 24 pounds to 18 within a month or so and my mom is beside herself worried.  She literally can't stop crying when talking about him.  He was a gift to her for her 50th birthday...only four years ago!  Now my dad is obviously not heartless and is worried, but when an animal gets sick there is no health insurance, so he is thinking more in terms of cost at this point (which they are already in about $3400).

I find myself feeling really sad at the thought that he might not make it, I mean he is not even 4 years old.  Dogs usually don't outlive their owners, but come on 4 years?!?
{He gladly welcomed Emma home from the hospital}
{He's helped us interior decorate - or told us when we'd chosen the wrong rugs}
{He welcomes us home after a long day at work or school}
{He smiles for pictures even when we are torturing him!}
{He takes abuse from small babies without so much as a squeal}
{But all he can manage to do these days is sleep, eat, or cry}

I can't imagine not having Duke to great us when we drive up to my parents house, or say goodbye at the window when we leave.  I know they say dogs are a man's best friend, but Duke really makes everyone feel like they're his best friend!


  1. The book of Marley & Me was better, but the movie still had the same effect. I couldn't imagine life without Knox. Who were we before we got him? Prayers for Duke. And I hope Evan stays away!!!

  2. This is so sad, losing a pet always is. I had to put my 16 year old cat to sleep when we lived in FL because of Kidney failure...I do hope he recovers. Praying for him!

  3. oh, poor doggie! i hope he gets well! we have a boston terrier (i think duke is?) too and they are so sweet. i love all the pictures... what precious memories!

  4. Oh that is awful! I hope he pulls through. My older dog is almost 4 and I don't know what I'd do without him. Pets definitely become part of the family instantly. Good Luck to you and your family.

  5. When I was a little kid we had a black lab JUST like Marley only better trained. He died of the EXACT same thing as Marley, so needless to say I was a wreck when I saw that movie (and I was pregnant at the time--terrible idea.)

    I'm so sorry about Duke (I've always wanted a dog named Duke)--I started tearing up just looking at his pictures! He looks so much like our Boston Terrier.

  6. Awww sads!! This totally made me cry. You know I have a soft spot for Bostons!

  7. Ugh....I completely agree with your thoughts on the movie. I had such a hard time. I read the book first and [if you could imagine] cried even more when I read that then I did watching the movie. It's really hard not to related it to the pups around you. Sorry you're dealing with this. It's so hard...especially when you can only do so much. Thinking of you!!!


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