Friday, September 17, 2010

Why does Shelby blog?

It's 11:30pm and I am just sitting down/laying in bed to write this post.  Its the final day of the Back to Blogging event the SITS Girls hosted and I didn't want to miss out, because I have really enjoyed doing this.  I KNOW I will be a better blogger and maybe even writer, who knows!

Today's post is..."As your last assignment to jump start your return to blogging, write about what blogging means to you. Why do you blog? What purpose does it serve you and how have you benefited from sharing a piece of yourself online this way?"

So I started blogging after reading some friends blogs and I was so obsessive about reading and commenting then that it just felt natural to start sharing about myself to everyone.  Another big part was that I had recently moved 45 minutes away from everyone I have lived near for most of my life.  I was a mom to a one year old and pregnant with another, and quite frankly lonely.  My friends and family are great and I see them so much for being 45 minutes away, but I still felt lonely.  I am 26 years old and most of my close friends haven't gotten married yet and if they have, they don't have children.

I blog to share, I blog to learn, I blog to escape reality, I blog to get an open mind, I blog to forget, I blog to release my emotions, I blog to have a higher purpose, I blog to remember, I blog to cope, I blog to meet new people, I blog to release stress, I blog to get ideas, I blog to help, I blog for my babies, I blog for my family, I blog for my friends, I blog for ME!


  1. All great reasons! Don't you just love blogging?

  2. Where would we be without it? Blogging has added so much to my life!

  3. You BLOG girlllllllll. AH I miss you so so much!!

  4. Those are all great reasons.

    I started blogging after I'd moved away from my friends too. At first it was just a way to keep in touch with them. I had no idea I'd end up getting so much out of it!

  5. I love this post and I love your blog :) :) :)

  6. Those are all great reasons! And I feel the same way! I hope you have a great week!

  7. Love this because I am in a relationship, own a house and am moving at a much different directions then my friends so blogs help alot!


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