Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...Fall edition!

Hey all, I hope you had as fabulous of a long weekend as I did!  From a hurricane hunker in party, to a cleaning Saturday, a shopping Sunday, and a family day Monday I would call this Labor Day weekend a SUCESS!

Now on to Taylor's Top Two Tuesday...Favorite things about Fall!
1.  Football!  Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker....I mean come on!  My parents have shared season tickets with a friend for the last 5 year or so years and I have gone to countless games because of it.  There is nothing better than being surrounded by thousands of fans all cheering of the same team (well most at least) or yelling and screaming as loud as you want!!!

Blogger is not being my friend right now and I don't know if I will make it back on the computer to post this if I don't do it picture an ADORABLE picture of the aforementioned threesome!

2.  Fashion!  I love summer dresses, but I love love love fall dresses paired with flats, boots, leggings oh my!  I also couldn't love shopping for the babies fall clothes, I'm semi addicted right now...

Again with blogger...picture a super cute knee length dress in checkered blue and white (Old Navy) and super brown suede tall boots (Gap) both for Emma!  I can't wait for her to be able to wear all her new clothes!

Ok, off to clean the house up, return some things to Gap Outlet, pick up my books for my classes (starting tomorrow, YUCK), and head to my moms casa!


  1. Good answers! ALmost exactly what I was going to put! Now I think if I post its gonna look like I copied you! ;-)

  2. You should download Windows Live Writer! You'll love it!

  3. This made me ready for the fall!

    And I was at my alma mater's first game of the season on Saturday-my husband wouldn't miss it if you paid him a million dollars to. We go to EVERY game!

  4. I love fall fashion :) now that your back on campus let's schedule lunchy!!!

  5. So I am going to get into this whole fall dress thing. I have never done it, but I am thinking I need to. Where do you get all of yours at?

  6. ok the little coin purse got sent back to me!! can you send me your address again..!

  7. yep, gotta love fall clothes! i'm so with you, i adore dresses with boots. oh, and i can't wait for sage to be old enough to sport the same. it's so fun having a girl as you well know! classes?! how do you do school with two kids? - you rock! i had a hard time w/ school and i only had a hubby to care for! hope the classes go well!


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