Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hand Outs PLEASE!

I LOVE Ellen DeGeneres and I try to watch her show every day, but even though Emma likes Ellen when its time to dance, she reeeally likes Sprout, Nick Jr., and PBS as well.  My mom however watches her religiously every day.  My moms name is Ellen, she is hilarious, she is an animal lover, and a dancer so they would totes be RL friends if Ellen was, ya know, not famous!  Random fact...At every one of her jobs she has had a gay coworker whom she was super close with, they love her!

With what happened with our Dukey Sunday I thought to myself, what better person to cheer my mom up than Ellen.  So I did something I have never done before...I wrote to Ellen.  I am positive I won't hear back, but there is no chance if I don't try!  Bottom line my mom is a pretty awesome/amazing/inspirational woman in my life and she deserves anything and everything I and anyone else can give.  Anything from Ellen would be super cool.  If I was ever in LA I would TOTES try and get tickets to her show.

So...this is what I wrote...

"Dear Ellen,

My mom and I have watched your show religiously since the show started and I own one of your stand up DVDs.  My daughter also LOVES to dance, so what better show than the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

This past Sunday my parents had to put their 3 and a half year old puppy to sleep because he couldn't recovered from his inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis.  As I know you know animals, especially dogs, are not just your pets, they become apart of your families.  My parents are beside themselves, naturally, but more so because he was so young.  He was SO great with my two girls, especially because we were there so much.  Him and my oldest would play and wrestle together.  It’s so sad to see my daughter ask for him.  Unfortunately we had to tell her we wouldn’t see him anymore because he went up to heaven in the sky.  Her new thing to say is Duke Die (this is how she pronounces sky).  Lovely!

The reason I am boring you with our story is because my mom and dad do so much for everyone in our family and they spent months worrying, stressing, spending SO much money and only to have to put him to sleep.  They don't have to want for much in life, but for people who do so much for everyone I thought a little Ellen DeGeneres love would help them get to a place where they aren't crying over but celebrating Duke's life!

So anything you can think of would be great!  My mom is a HUGE fan, she is funny and her name is Ellen as well.

Love always,

Cross you finger for us!


  1. I hope someone from the show contacts you. Did you tell your mom you wrote Ellen? I bet that'd cheer her up just to know how much you love her! You're a great daughter!

  2. Aw so sweet! Would she fly out there if you could get tickets?

  3. Love this idea :) You are so sweet.

  4. I hope your little wish and sweet letter gets you some Ellen LOVE!!!

  5. That was very sweet of you! I tried to write to Oprah was once for my mom, but didn't hear back. I think Ellen would be more likely to respond!

  6. You are so very sweet! I can't wait to see what happens!

  7. I hope you hear back from her! She is SO awesome! You should tweet her too! She tweets several times a day. Good luck!

  8. what a sweet idea!

  9. Good luck!!! How exciting! Your letter was beautiful and I'm so sorry for the loss of Duke!

  10. Hey, stopping by from SITS. Sorry to hear about Duke, but I hope your letter produces something awesome. I love Ellen! =]


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