Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Thursday

Happy Thursday!!  I had my one and only class for the week Thursday and it went very well.  I actually have a few people I know in class and although statistics for psychology sounds diiiisgusting, I think I am going to do pretty well.  I am pretty super fabulous at math, lets just hope I can apply it to this class.

Anywho, I haven't done this in awhile, so here we go.  It's Just Thursday hosted by the fabulous Murdock's Mama!

Outside my window..sunny and a bit breezy, woohoo no more humidity! (its in the 70s today :)

The time is..9:06pm!
Today I feel..happy, re-energized, ready to tackle another semester/day...bring it on!
I am thinking..I should be reading my textbook instead of all your fabulous bloggy's but I can't pull myself away!

At the moment, I am babies sleep as much as they do! (this week!)

I am doggysit for my parents pup Duke today.
I am wearing..capri yoga pants and a Gamma Phi Beta baseball tee.

I wish..I could loose all this weight while eating WHATEVER I want, no it doesn't work that way?!

I am reading..psychology textbooks...

I am working on..getting into my routine for the semester.

I am book our anniversary night/weekend away soon.

I am mom talking about all the gossip she is reading on facebook, haha oh facebook.

I bet you didn't know..Dukie had his biopsy Wednesday and came home yesterdy (he is doing okay - results to come next week)

One of my favorite..things to do is go in a look at my babies sleeping at night, so sweet and angelic!

Link it up YO!  Have a fabulous Thursday.


  1. I should be working out since the dude is napping...but I'm blogging. HA!

  2. i totally agree about the weight thing! i wish it worked like that!!! oh and yes, definitely one of the best things is watching your babe's sleep at night... what sweet times!

  3. I hope that Duke is going to be okay!

    I love sneaking into Lboy's room at night and checking on him. I just think he's so beautiful & I love him a ton when he's sleeping! haha

  4. awwww sleeping babies are the best!


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