Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Slowly building my bridge...

{Duke cuddled up on my bed at my parents house}

My mom and I spent most of yesterday laughing and crying about Duke to each other.  His stuff is still all over the place and his smell is still there (the good and bad kind haha).  We have a family picture of my brother and I with the cat and dog (we had a cat when we first got Duke, she was pretty awesome) and I couldn't even look at it yesterday without puddling up.

What gets me most is that he was so young.  My dad has cried more about losing Duke than his own father, and its because his father lived a long happy life.  Duke wasn't even 4 years old!  My mom and I keep saying we had SO much we wanted to do with him.  Like take him to Martha's Vineyard on the boat, take a first day of school picture with Emma, go to the dog park with him....

We had to tell Emma Duke was all gone and we wouldn't see him anymore.  We also told her he went to heaven up in the sky.  She keeps repeating this, it was literally the first thing she said this morning.  The thing about her saying the word sky is that it sounds like die when she says it, haha.

{Duke and his best friend Emma waiting for the Patriots}

Right now I am building my bridge to get over the loss of Mr. Duke Wellington, I know it won't be easy but I am working on remembering all the cute things he used to do!


  1. Aw I'm so sorry Shelby, the loss is much harder with pets for some reason but I hope you guys get through it!

  2. Prayers. It's so hard losing someone (even if they have 4 legs).

  3. Adorable pictures! Keeping you guys in my thoughts.

  4. This is so hard Shelby, very sorry to hear that. Duke was quite a pup, he was loved very much!

  5. I'm literally crying right now-I'm so sorry he didn't make it.

  6. My little guy was only four. We're going on three weeks tomorrow and it still hasn't gotten any easier. :(

  7. i'm so sorry! praying for you. dogs are such big parts of families... i know it must hurt!


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