Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday back at it again!

Aaaaand another Monday is upon us, although at this point it's almost Tuesday!  It's been a couple weeks since I've hit up the miscellany in Monday with Carissa, but here it is....
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1.}  This past weekend little Miss Isabelle had her christening at my husbands childhood church (and where we were married), Christ the King Ukrainian Catholic Church.  Isabelle's godparents are one of my best friends Leah and my brother Tommy!  She wore the dress I wore when I was christened and Emma too.
{So happy to be with her godparents!}

{2.}  I went shopping Friday evening for TWO hours straight and couldn't find ANYTHING.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Definitely a confidence booster.  Due to this revelation I will be joining the gym with the hubs tomorrow night and fixing my eating habits ASAP!  Clearly Weight Watchers  didn't happen.

{3.}  I had to go to a wake Sunday evening for the patriarch of a HUGE family from my home town.  There were lines down the street of people waiting to pay their respects.  My mom and dad are good friends with one of the daughters (who was the hubs and my realtor and works in the school system) and her husband and I am friends with their kids and a few of the other families.  There was no doubt in my mind I would go and pay my respects but once I got there my body temperature rose about 100 degree and I instantly had no idea what to say!

{4.}  I have been so preoccupied with school, planning for the christening, Emma's birthday party planning, my brothers going away party, and wedding dress shopping that my house looks like a bomb went off inside it.  No beuno!  I came home from my moms (she babysits when I go to school) today and   the husband had cleaned up Emma's toys, the leftover stuff from the christening AND vacuumed.  LOOOOVE IT!

{5.}  Today my mom, the girls and I went to Target and bought all of the stuff for the goody bags for Emma's birthday party.  I am in LOVE with it all, so many goodies!  Lots of pictures after the party happens.


  1. You have been one busy lady! Congrats on the christening! What a joyful day for your family! Praying things slow down a bit for you soon!

  2. I love that your girls wore the same dress you were christened in. So sweet! Can't wait to see pictures of Emma's party!!

  3. Sounds exhausting just reading it! What are you in school for btw?

  4. Visiting from SITS, I'm your newest follower! I love your blog. We sound like we make think alike!!!

  5. isabelle looks adorable in her christening gown! - congrats! you are not the only one discouraged by going shopping... hey, at least we save money by not buying anything! it's so so sweet when the men help out! hope school is going well.

  6. She looks so cute! Are you Catholic or just the Hubs?

    My house looked like a bomb went off yesterday so I cleaned for hours. I finally slept great last night because my bedroom didn't have laundry piled all over the friggin' place!

  7. Congrats on her baptism. She looked sooooo pretty!

  8. that is so precious that she wore the same dress as you and that!


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